Summer 2002,
vol. 44, No. 1/2


  Latest Issue of Al-Abhath    
  -      Founded in 1948 and first edited by Professor Said Himadah, the Al-Abhath Journal, issue 48-49, was recently published by the AUB Press. The annual journal, originally a quarterly, includes research articles by scholars who may or may not be members of the AUB community. A production of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the journal ceased during the late 1970s for about three years, then reemerged.
      The latest issue of Al-abhath, edited by As'ad Khairallah, a professor in the Arabic and Near Eastern Languages Department at AUB, includes four English articles, four book reviews and two articles in Arabic . The first English language article is by Professor Chibli Mallat and Jean Monnet, chair of European Law at Saint Joseph's University. He discusses family law in present day Arab and Muslim spheres, and mainly looks at gender equality in marital and inheritance law.
      Provost Peter Heath writes that the study of past Arabic poetry still needs a great deal of exploration, while Elise Salem, professor in the Department of
English at Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey, examines and explains some of the drawbacks of Western translations of Arabic literature.
      The last article in English by Nadia al-Bagdadi, Civilization Sequence lecturer at AUB, examines how the "Nahda," or the Arab Renaissance, has been expressed by different means of publication in the Levant.
      Saleh Said Agha, assistant professor in the Arab and Near Eastern Languages department at AUB, inspects Ta'abbata Sharran's poem. At first he rejects the theory but then tries to negotiate the poetic text on its own terms.
      Georges Tamer, lecturer in oriental studies at Erlangen University in Nuremberg, Germany, wrote the second and last Arabic article. He investigates how Leo Strauss, a past political thinker, viewed Arab philosophers al-Farabi, Ibn Sina and Ibn Rushd, and continues to argue that Strauss' philosophy and vision of these writers is inaccurate. Marie Maroun

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