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  1. Basic laboratory research in the rat, mouse, and dog (transplantation, preservation, and renovascular surgery)

  2. Renal transplantation in the rat: assessment of the various microsurgical techniques (NIH Grant AM 27846)

  3. Renal transplantation technique in the mouse model

  4. Isolated perfusion experiments in the rat for measurement of prostaglandin release

  5. Renal ischemia models (rat and dog); evaluation of drug pre-treatment (verapamil and d-propranolol) in reducing the severity of post-ischemic acute renal failure.

  6. In situ perfusion of the rat kidney with cyclosporine A (CsA) and monitoring of toxic effects

  7. Evaluation of the role of cyclosporine A (CsA) graft pre-treatment in rat renal transplantation across major histocompatibility barriers

  8. Evaluation of anastomosis techniques in branch renal arterial revascularization in the dog

  9. Pancreatic transplantation in the dog

  10. Studies in CsA nephrotoxicity in the rat

  11. Evaluation of CsA effects on isolated cortical mitochondria - in vivo studies

  12. Effects of CsA therapy on urinary prostaglandin secretion (PGE2)

  13. Evaluation of monocyte procoagulant activity as an adjunctive parameter for the diagnosis of rejection in cadaveric renal transplantation.

  14. Evaluation of CsA whole blood levels (HPLC) in cadaveric renal transplantation; correlation with graft survival, acute rejection, and nephrotoxicity (in conjunction with clinical pharmacy)

  15. Evaluation of cell death and nuclear matrix protein release in renal transplant rejection (in conjunction with the Department of Cell Biology, UMMC)

  16. Evaluation of prostate cancer prevalence in renal transplant recipients (Chairman, Scientific Studies Committee, USTVS, 1993-1994)

  17. Evaluation of the role of adjuvant immunotherapy and chemotherapy (5-fluorouracil, interleukin -2, and interferon-alpha) for the treatment of renal cell carcinoma. A phase-II clinical trial.(UMMC 1995) coinvestigator.

  18. Chronic rejection of renal allograft, analysis of risks and predictors

  19. Early diagnosis of prostate cancer using PSA and PSA indicators

  20. Research on the ethical issues surrounding organ transplantation and donation carried out in collaboration with the University of Massachusetts Medical School and Suffolk University of law: Issues and controversies, 1993.

  21. A prospective clinical evaluation of the magnitude and impact of pre-transplantation hepatitis C infection on the outcome of renal transplantation: Research performed in conjuncton with the New England Organ Bank, UMASS Medical Centers, TUFTS University, Yale University, Harvard University, Boston University, Dartmouth University, Lahay Clinic and Portland Medical Center. Results of this research have been published in Transplantation and the New England Journal of Medicine. 1994 to 1994.

  22. Evaluation of the prevalence and impact of the genitourinary malignancies in renal allograft recipients, performed in conjunction with the USTVS and published in seminars in Urology, 1994.

  23. Evaluation and prevention of chronic allograft rejection and the importance of acute allograft rejection. The evaluation of the use of bowel segments in reconstruction of the urinary tract infection before transplantation, 1999.

  24. Evaluation of the clinical utility of prostate specific antigen in the early diagnosis of prostate cancer, 2000.

  25. Basic research on the evaluation of the effect of fish oil on cell kinetcis / Implications for clinical immunosuppression and hormone refractory prostate cancer cell line, 2001.

  26. Prospective evaluaton of laparoscopic donor nephrectomy in live donor transplantation, 2001.

  27. A prospective randomized trial investigation in the efficacy of periprostatic infiltration with local anesthesia during transrectal ultrasound guided prostate biopsy, 2002.

  28. Evaluation of the role of vitamins and selenium in the prevention of prostate cancer, in conjunction with Professor Sommerkamp in Freiburg, Germany, 2003.

  29. Evaluation of the role of soluble donor specific Class I antigens in kidney allograft recipient and the diagnosis of chronic rejection in collaboration with the Department of Immunology at AUBMC, 2003.

  30. A prospective trial of the role of quadruple immunosuppressive therapy using low dose Rapamycin, low dose Cyclosporine, Mycophenolate Mofetil and Prednisone in renal allograft recipient, 2004.

  31. A study on the prevalence of prostate cancer and therapeutic modalities in Asia, in conjunction with the 6th Consultations on Prostate Cancer, Paris 2005.

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