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Education: Conferences

Urology residents spend 10- 12 hours per month in conferences. Residents and staff, as well as outside speakers, make presentations t these conferences. Regularly scheduled conferences include:

  • Urology Grand Rounds and Uroradiology Conference
    This conference is held every Wednesday morning and is coordinated by staff and residents. Urological Imaging and Pyelographic and other urological studies are discussed. There will be representation from the Radiology Department available so a well- rounded understanding of uroradiology can be obtained.

  • Special GU Rounds
    This conference is held every 3rd and 4th Monday at 7:30 a.m. Staff and residents coordinate this conference. Resident case presentations and basic science presentations from our staff (and occasionally outside speakers) are used.

  • In-Service Report / Morbidity Mortality
    This conference is held during the first Monday of each month. The complications and deaths experienced on the service for the month will be discussed openly and recommendations are made.

  • Urology Journal Club
    This conference is held monthly on the 2nd Monday of each month and is coordinated by the residents and senior staff.

  • Tumor Board and Uropathology Conference
    This multidisciplinary conference is held every Tuesday (as part of a multidisciplinary conference), or on Monday mornings, the 3rd Monday of each month in the Pathology Department, and is coordinated by the staff and residents. It is designed to obtain a clear understanding of the urological malignancies. There is a case presentation of current urological malignancy followed by pathological findings and a discussion of its management by all modalities including surgical, medical, and through radiation. There will also be brief discussions of new developments in Oncology and Urology.
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