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Education: Board Certification

Residents enrolling in the Urology Residency Program at AUBMC are potentially accredited by two certifying boards and are "double" board eligible in that they are eligible for the European Board of Urology (EBU) and the Arab Board of Urology (ABU). Both boards are now "required" of our residents and are considered mandatory.

European Board of Urology (EBU)
This exam was made available for our chief residents and urologists in 2002 after negotiations with the European Board and consists of two parts:

  • Part I
    Written exam multiple choice questions examination covering the whole field of urology, included related basic sciences. The examination consists of 150 questions. The time permitted for this exam is 2.5 hours. Eligible candidates are residents in their final year or training in urology and urologists qualified in their countries. In 2003, Beirut (AUBMC) has been designated as an accredited EBU center for the Part I (written exam) for all Middle Eastern states. After passing Part I, the qualified urologist will be eligible to sit for Part II.

  • Part II
    Oral examination. The interval between the written assessment and the oral exam is 2 years. Part II is given at an accredited EBU city in Europe (Paris, Rome, Berlin).
Arab Board of Urology (ABU)
After successful completion of two years in the residency program, the residents sit for the Arab Board Examination.
  • Part I
    The format of this exam is multiple choice questions and consists of two papers, three hours each. The examination is held twice yearly in April and in October. Evaluation will be carried out by the Examination Committee with members of the Council of the Board.

  • Part II
    After passing Part I, the trainee is eligible to sit for Part II, which is divided into three segments: written, clinical and oral. The written examination consists of two papers:

    • multiple choice questions
    • short-answer questions

    This examination will be held in one day with three hours allocated for each paper. The trainee will be evaluated by two examiners, and the essay questions will be graded by at least two examiners. Part II is held twice yearly in April and October.

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