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Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine

Mission Statement
The Maternal-Fetal division adheres to the mission and goals of the American University of Beirut Medical Center; namely:

  • To deliver comprehensive, quality patient care to high risk obstetric patients
  • To provide training and education for medical students, residents, physicians and allied health professionals
  • To expand medical knowledge through clinical and basic science research

The Maternal Fetal Medicine division is dedicated to incorporating the latest advances in the prenatal care and management of complicated pregnancies. We are devoted to the aim of improving survival rates and reducing mortality of high-risk babies born to mothers who many have medical or obstetrical complications.

The care provided for complicated pregnancies is a collaborative team approach. Patients with anticipated problems are discussed in the perinatology-neonatology conference to develop a strategic plan for the care of the critically ill infants. Other specialists including geneticists, pediatric specialists (cardiologists, nephrologists) and surgeons might be invited to participate in planning. Patients can be given the opportunity to meet with these specialists to learn and understand the potential outcome. Our sick babies are taken care of in a dedicated intensive care nursery with leading-edge facilities and highly-qualified neonatologist. For patients whose pregnancies are considered high-risk, we also provide pre-conceptional counseling and evaluation in a compassionate and considerate attitude.

Ultrasound technology is utilized extensively in the evaluation of complicated pregnancies. Our Antenatal Diagnosis Unit with its latest ultrasound technology demonstrates consistent excellence and ensures compliance with national and international standards of patient care. It offers fetal chromosome and DNA assessment by such techniques as amniocentesis, chorionic villus sampling and fetal blood sampling (cordocentesis) as well as interventions such as fetal paracentesis, fetal thoracentesis, intrauterine fetal transfusion and multifetal pregnancy reduction.

Teaching is our passion and vocation that differentiates us from our colleagues in private practice. It is in teaching that we are constantly reenergized and re-motivated in our own professional endeavors. Our attempt over the years has been to develop a program in Maternal Fetal Medicine that has the essentials which reflect the growth and development of the sub- specialty itself and to produce a physician who has ample clinical and technical experience upon which to base judgment and deliver evidence based management strategies. All ambulatory and in-patient high-risk obstetrical patient care activities are under the direct supervision by a faculty member with a level of care which is tuned to patient acuity, complexity and/or need for invasive or operative obstetrical procedures. Our out-patient clinical and sonographic evaluations are directly staffed during face-to-face interactions between the attending, resident and perinatal patient. As a referral center, the resident is exposed and gains a certain degree of proficiency in Level II fetal imaging to rule out or confirm various fetal anomalies. The resident is also instructed in the performance and interpretation of the various modalities of fetal surveillance including non-stress tests, biophysical profile and Doppler wave form evaluation. Add to this a series of core curriculum didactic lectures, attending of the week presentations and grand rounds addressing controversies in the field. We hope that the faculty serves as outstanding role models for current and future professionals.

Research is an integral part of both teaching and patient care. We, therefore, strive to accomplish all three with excellence while being sensitive to the physical and emotional needs of our patients and to their inherent right to privacy and dignity. Several research projects are currently underway and many are planned for the future. The MFM division has a proven track record of ongoing IRB approved projects, both investigator initiated and funded research studies. We pledge to provide a competitive, mentored and engaged approach to collaborative and original research.

Faculty/ Staff
N.B.: Kindly click on the physicians' pictures below to view their bio sketches in pdf format.

Head of Division
Ihab Usta, MD Ihab Usta, MD
Maternal Fetal Medicine
Medical Center, 7th floor
Phone: +961 1 749207 or +961 1 350000
Ext. office: 5611
Ext. clinic: 5840
Pager: 0578
Abdallah Adra, MD
Assistant Professor
Maternal Fetal Medicine
Medical Center, 7th floor
Tripoli, Meena Str., City Complex, 1st floor
Phone: +961 6 438437 or +961 1 350000
Ext. office: 5637
Labib Ghulmiyyah, MD Labib Ghulmiyyah, MD, FACOG
Associate Professor
Maternal Fetal Medicine
Medical Center, 7th  floor
Phone: +961 1 749207 or +961 1 350000
Ext. office: 5608
Ext. clinic: 5840
Pager: 0566
Fadi Mirza, MD, FACOG
Associate Professor
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Maternal Fetal Medicine
Medical Center, 7th floor
Phone: +961 1 749207 or +961 1 350000
Ext. office: 5635
Ext. clinic: 5840
Pager: 0414
Anwar Nassar, MD Anwar Nassar, MD
 Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology
 Maternal Fetal Medicine
 Medical Center, 7th floor
 Phone: +961 1 749207 or +961 1 350000
 Ext. office: 5600/5604
 Ext. clinic: 5840
 Pager: 0571
Dr. Rabi' Chahine
Clinical Associate
Maternal Fetal Medicine
Ms. Mariam Hanna
Obstetrical Ultrasonography Technician
Phone: +961 1 350000
Ext. 5620
Pager: 1601


Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology American University of Beirut Medical Center