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From the Editors of MainGate

Your Key to AUB and its World

Dear Alumni and Friends,

While on campus this fall researching the winter 2003 issue, we met with a number of female faculty members, administrators, and staff for our cover story on women at AUB today. During one of these interviews, mechanical engineering Professor Nesreen Ghaddar, an enthusiastic and determined scientist, called an impromptu meeting with her departmental colleagues who comprise the De-Mining Technology Team. These faculty members are developing remote mine-detection technology based on infra-red imaging that will safely and readily spot landmines in the recently liberated areas of South Lebanon. This noble and cutting-edge project will make these areas safer for its inhabitants while encouraging the development of resettlement, commerce, and ultimately, hope.

Sitting there with these ambitious and energetic faculty members we immediately decided that this project needed to be shared with you, our readers, as their momentum and excitement was just too contagious. The De-mining Technology Team’s story is one of many that will fill this and upcoming issues of MainGate. Our campus is full of faculty collaborating on exciting projects that not only
contribute to international scholarship but also benefit the people of Lebanon and the world.

MainGate’s goal is to provide you with the broadest insight possible into AUB today. Our cover story takes that one step further and introduces you to some of the many extraordinary women at the University. We’ll let you join in the 50th anniversary celebration for the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences, and bring you front and center to alumni activities around the world, including a spectacular gala in New York City with Queen Rania Al-Abdullah of Jordan and an elegant dinner for the UK launch of the Campaign for Excellence.

In short, MainGate is your key to AUB and its world. We are committed to bringing you stories that show the excitement that is AUB and keep you in touch with its vibrant alumni community. Your comments help us better achieve this goal. In fact, the number of emails and letters we received on the first issue delighted us — so keep them coming at Your input helps us make MainGate the magazine of the American University of Beirut.

Ibrahim Khoury and Lynn Mahoney

AUB Wants to Hear from You!

Send us your news and opinions.

With AUBites scattered all around the world, it can be hard to stay in touch with fellow alumni and friends. Send your personal updates to the MainGate class notes section.It’s an excellent way to share news within the AUB community. Have a new job? Recently married or
welcomed a new baby? Received any professional awards or honors? New publications? Planning for retirement? Spread the word—some of your classmates have probably been wondering what you have been up to for years.

AUB would also like to hear what you think about MainGate. Tell us what kind of features you would like to read or not read. We want your feedback!

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