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Summer 2009 Vol. VII, No. 4

Letters to the Editors

Winter 2009, Vol. VII, No. 2

I was so pleased that you devoted a good part of the MainGate winter issue to the Palestinian communities in Lebanon. I was honored and proud to learn of the significant initiatives, programs, and campaigns undertaken by AUB to alleviate the pain and suffering of the Palestinian communities living in distressed economic conditions in poorly maintained camps. This issue brings to life the long and persisting hardships and overwhelming problems faced by Palestinians as they go through life deprived of many basic rights and privileges enjoyed by others living a normal life. In spite of all these difficulties, many Palestinian students in Lebanon have achieved great success and realized their dreams due in part to the high level of education, cultural orientation, and experience they gained at AUB.  I am one of those students who proudly carries the AUB flag everywhere I go in my life. My three children are AUB students: Basil graduated two years ago; Dena will be graduating next fall; and Leila is finishing her freshman year.  My family and I are indebted to AUB for its outstanding role in shaping our lives and allowing us to realize our dreams.

Loutfi K. Echhade (BBA ’73)
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

A few years ago we had a humanitarian fund raiser for AUH during the 2006 conflict. People who were not alumni attended the event, and now they receive the magazine regularly. I often hear from them, and what they tell me makes me proud of our alumni magazine. Thank you for making my job of reaching out to people regarding AUB so much easier!

Bana Hilal (BA ’72)
Daniel Bliss Society Leadership Committee
Laguna Niguel, California

Spring 2009, Vol. VII, No. 3

The article "Health Beyond Hospitals" in the spring issue of MainGate was so inspiring—how far-sighted this Bedouin Health project is, studying first the community with its social structure, then coming up with the medical assistance program to assist the women in maternity. I’ll be sure to email this article to my friends.

Maya Nader
Seattle, Washington

As someone who has a great interest in Lebanon and AUB (my mother is an alumna and I participated in the summer program for children of alumni in 2000) I picked up the [spring] magazine and read it from cover to cover. I would like to commend you on such a professional and articulate publication which provides in-depth coverage of all aspects of AUB. This magazine truly puts a human face on the University and details the influence AUB has both on Lebanon and around the world. MainGate plays a significant role in connecting AUB to the rest of the world and keeping alumni in touch with their alma mater.

The summer program was my first visit to Lebanon, and I absolutely fell in love with the country my parents were born and raised in, thanks in large part to AUB. Congratulations on a wonderful issue!

Taleen Babayan
Saddle River, New Jersey


Spring 2009, Vol. VII, No. 3, In Memoriam
Kamal Rifat Haffar (BA ’51) is survived by his first (and only) wife Najwa Shaheen Haffar (BA ’51).