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Summer 2008 Vol. VI, No. 4

Letters to the Editors

Spring 2008, Vol. VI, No. 3

Congratulations on your spring 2008 issue on "How Green is AUB?" One initiative you did not mention, and which may be of interest to your readers, is the founding in fall 2007 of the Friends of the AUB Campus, or FAC. This volunteer organization is modeled on the Friends of the AUB Museum and the President's Club. Its purpose is to contribute to the protection and enhancement of AUB's campus, especially the planted areas but more generally all of AUB's landscape. Its membership is composed of persons with a demonstrated interest in the flora and fauna of the campus. Its principal liaison with the administration is through the VP for Facilities and the director of the Facilities Planning and Design Unit (FPDU). An initial challenge for FAC will be to participate in the process of developing a master plan for all of AUB's greenery and landscaped areas, an effort that is to begin the fall. George Damon, the president of the American Community School (ACS) and an avid bird watcher, has agreed to chair FAC. Membership in FAC is open to anyone with a sincere concern for the preservation of AUB's green spaces.

John Waterbury ('08)
Beirut, Lebanon

"Back to Beirut"

When I opened the spring 2008 magazine and saw the name of AUB's new president, Peter Dorman, a sudden flash of memory made me go back to my old files, and take out my birth certificate, dated December 6, 1936. And voilą, Harry Dorman's signature was on the birth certificate-the grandfather of Peter Dorman! My mother had been a nurse at the American University Medical Center, and she worked closely with Harry Dorman from 1930-34. When she became pregnant in 1936 with me, her second child (in Jerusalem), she was warned that the birth would be problematic. In order to avoid complications, Dr. Dorman urged my mother to come back to Beirut and AUBMC to be under his personal care. Thanks to his care and expertise, all went well and here am I, 71 years later.

What a small world!

Kenell Touryan
School of Engineering (1953-56)
Yerevan, Armenia

Many thanks for the regular news I get through MainGate. This brings back such nostalgia of my wonderful days at AUB and Beirut and the great friends I made and I am still in contact with.

Feryal Seyghal Mikdadi
United Kingdom

For alumni, MainGate magazine is our essential link with AUB, and the expansion and improvement of the University is pleasing to us all. I am thrilled to learn of the establishment of a student center, equipped with facilities for physical training and sporting games. I believe this center will improve overall health and level differences through the spirit of sport. We are grateful for this important contribution by Mr. Charles W. Hostler.

I graduated in 1950, when Abdul Sattar Trabulsi was our physical education instructor. As freshmen in 1944-45, the varsity AUB teams travelled to Damascus and played against the Syrian University. We won all our games and were treated to a lavish evening. In the same year, Ain Toura College invited the varsity volleyball team for a match, where we went unaccompanied by Mr. Trabulsi and lost. The clergy of the school treated us to an evening of Arouse-blebneh and a bottle of red wine. We had to lean on each other for support on our way home.

That same year, intramural sports between classes and faculty were held. We won in volleyball and the silver medal I acquired is still attached to my key ring.

Nadim Khalluf (PC '50)
Nashville, Tennessee


Spring 2008 Vol. VI, No. 3
Class Notes
The photo of Maan Hamdan (BE `80) was mistakenly labelled Nabil Abou-Haidar (Barch `81)