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To the Editors of MainGate

On MainGate

Thank you very much for sending MainGate all the way to Buenos Aires to reach me!

                Antonio Arida (BA ’73)
Buenos Aires, Argentina

I really feel elated when I receive my copy of MainGate. I look forward to the day when my secretary brings it to my desk! I now work at the Arab Open University, headquartered in Kuwait, as Manager of the Office of the Rector. I’m married and have two children. Thank you AUB for still living in us, because we still live in you.

                Sabia Kanafani (BA ’80)

On AUB Reflections

(MainGate, Spring 2004)

I was happy to read the interview with Professor Emeritus Kamal Salibi. As one of his first students back in 1949, I felt he was so young, friendly, and understanding. He saw me smoking a cigarette once, which I hid behind my back, and he pretended not to notice! I was really impressed. I am glad he is in good health. Please give him my regards.

                Omar Adra (BA ’55)
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

On Environmentally Sound and To the Editors (MainGate, Winter 2004)

Congratulations on the Sunrise-of-MainGate. It is a beautiful, pleasurable, and useful breath from the East. The Winter 2004 edition was a double blast for me. First, the environment theme in your “words and pictures” was close to our hearts here in California. Second, and even more precious, was a letter on page 3, nestled in the “To the Editors” section. There I found Najwa Shaheen Haffar’s “Remembering the Milk Bar” letter. Although I was fascinated by Najwa’s memories of West Hall, I could barely concentrate on the subject she was addressing, because in 1951, the year she graduated, I was a summer student at AUB and fell head-over-heels in love with Najwa. I was so preoccupied by memories of her flashing dark eyes, and her contagious, rippling laughter, that I totally missed the Milk Bar point. I’ve been back to the Middle East four times on flag missions and looked for her each time, but had resolved that she had fallen off the edge of the world. Thanks for the memories!

                Bo Bottomly
Idyllwild, California


On Exporting the Expertise of AUB

(MainGate, Winter 2004)

 I will start with a complimentary remark. The writer did an excellent job. The text is easy to read and the historical facts are accurate. However, I felt that the article reported in depth on the role of AUB’s expertise in Agricultural and Food Sciences and to a certain extent in Arts and Sciences, but that the role of AUB’s expertise in Medicine and Public Health was not given equal attention. Also, the article did not report on the impact of “off-campus” activities on “on-campus” activities (an “importing” point of view). I also found that the article did not describe the divergent views of the “founders” about the “nature” of REP activities. Should the approach be “business-like,” which entails “exporting of expertise,” or should the approach be “academic,” which entails building off-campus academic practices?

Having said that, the question now is, “What’s the next step?” The easy approach is to print this letter in the next issue of MainGate. However the more demanding approach is to write another feature, perhaps titled, “How to Link Academia with Practice.”

                Nadim A. Haddad, MD, MPH
                Senior Lecturer and Coordinator of
                Academic Development Projects
                Office of the Dean, Faculty of Health
                American University of

AUB Museum, Post Hall