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AUB News

Returning the Good Will

Hilda Moadié laughs when she tells the story now. “We had never heard of scholarships at the time. We didn’t know what they were or that such things existed,” she explains.

“Our father retired when my brother was only 12 years old. Jean—my brother—was worried, because he did not know if there would be money for him to go to school. My father reassured him that he had enough money.” Hilda Moadié is relating the story of how her younger brother, Dr. Jean Moadié, first came to AUB in the 1930s to attend the French section of its preparatory school. (The preparatory school became independent in 1960 and is now known as International College.)

“When it came time for him to go to university, Jean did not want to do medicine because he knew it would take seven years to complete the program. He was always a responsible person, and he was anxious to finish university and get a job so that he could earn money quickly and help the family. But, I felt that he wanted to study medicine. He applied to AUB and he got in,” Hilda says.

She then relates this story: “I was reading a journal that he kept when he was 17 years old. In the journal, my brother wrote, ‘Today I quarreled with Hilda. I quarrel frequently for nonsensical reasons with Eugenie, but with Hilda it was serious. She was smoking!’” Hilda laughs. “Think of that! Even then, he was worried about health issues.”

During his first year at AUB, Jean worked as a messenger in the president’s office. “Whenever he had a free moment, he would study. He always got good grades,” his sister remembers. At the end of his first year at AUB, Moadié was informed that he had been awarded a Shehadeh Scholarship—and that the award would be retroactive to the beginning of his first year. “He had not applied or anything. Jean was stunned, and he was so happy. It was a very generous scholarship. It even paid for his books,” Hilda says.



The late Dr. Jean Moadieh.

“We actually knew the Shehadeh family, because we were also from Zahle, but we did not know about this scholarship,” Hilda Moadié explains. The scholarship made a huge difference to Jean and enabled him to pursue his studies at AUB. Dr. Jean Moadié graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in 1947 and went on to enjoy a long and distinguished career at AUB, before retiring in 1988. His sister Hilda was also at AUB for many years, working both at the hospital and at the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences until her retirement in 1979.

“When we knew that the end was near,” Hilda Moadié says, “we had this idea to establish a scholarship fund in my brother’s name, so that we could help other students the way Jean had been helped.” At the late Dr. Moadié’s request, the Dr. Jean Moadié Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund has now been established at AUB to provide financial support for medical students.

AUB is currently working to raise a $15-million financial aid fund as part of its $140-million, five-year Campaign for Excellence drive. “It seems that people often want to give money to build something. They should also think of giving money for financial aid,” remarks Hilda Moadié.