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Spring 2009 Vol. VII, No. 3

Letters to the Editors

Winter 2009, Vol. VII, No. 2

ust a short note to congratulate the editors on the most recent issue of MainGate. Having been on the staff of the Biology Department from 1959 to 1967, I don’t recognize the names of many persons mentioned in your publication. Still, in this issue were mentioned a number of people that I do remember, such as Hilda Moadieh from the School of Agriculture, and Nasri Kawar as a fellow entomologist. Farid Hanania, Elie Salem, Archie Crawford and Norman Burns were good friends, as were a number of others mentioned in this issue. As a matter of fact, my last graduate student was Alice Bliss, the great granddaughter of Daniel Bliss, who worked on the pierid butterflies of Lebanon. She, my wife Joanne and I were collecting butterflies the day before the 1967 War began and were up most of the night setting our catch from Fariah and environs.

Robert E. Lewis
Iowa State University, Ames, IA

I truly enjoyed reading the totality of the diversified and excellent articles in AUB’s last MainGate and thought of pointing out the absence of the “Dr Chafic Haddad Memorial Fund” from the list of those listed on page 19. The fund has helped scores of medical students at AUB since 1979.

Victor Haddad
London, United Kingdom

Thank you for your keen observation—the list included only funds specifically established with a preference for Palestinian or Lebanese students at AUB—hence the omission. -Ed.

I would like to commend you on the excellent MainGate Winter 2009 issue. Please note, however, that a photo on page 44 with the caption “Jewett Hall Christmas Party, 1964” appears rather to have been taken in the Board Room of Marquand House, with the U-shaped table and famous chairs. The photo is certainly not of a Christmas party, but more likely of a seminar or a meeting.

Sadik Al-Assa’d (BBA 1962)
Beirut, Lebanon

Fall 2008, Vol. VII, No. 1

Following the fall issue, I am still getting replies from students of 40 years ago …it is really very touching. The whole issue was a triumph of

organisation and I congratulate you and all your staff—particularly the designers in Beirut who have done a remarkable job. I loved the cover, and I had completely forgotten ever making the sculpture you illustrated (now in the AUB museum) and can hardly wait to make it again!

Thanks from all of us, teachers and students alike in the Art Department.

John Carswell
Malaga, Spain