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Spring 2009 Vol. VII, No. 3

From the Editors

If you do an issue on women’s health, some of our colleagues said that you had better plan one for men as well... While we won’t rule that out, this issue came about because the very definition of what constitutes women’s health care, and how it is approached, is changing. Today, women’s health care extends beyond reproductive care. It’s also about education, prevention, and a more holistic approach to well-being. In “Health Beyond Hospitals,” we introduce three of the many FHS and AUBMC initiatives that are aimed at improving women’s health and how women care for themselves. This summer, a new Women’s Health Center is set to open at the AUB Medical Center—it promises to offer a new way of approaching women’s health care at our hospital, and a model for institutions throughout the Middle East. And while nursing is not a women’s health issue, the opening of the new Rafic Hariri School of Nursing this spring definitely calls for celebration, and a review of how AUB students and faculty members are upping the ante in this changing profession.

The center of the magazine includes President Dorman’s address from the May 4, 2009 presidential inauguration— only the ninth such event in AUB’s history. The summer issue on AUB traditions will provide full coverage of the inauguration events that followed throughout May.

We are saddened to end by remembering our friend and colleague Helen Khal, who passed away on May 20. We are honored to have been able to feature her life and work in the Fall 2008 issue of MainGate.

Ada H. Porter and Ibrahim Khoury
Coeditors, MainGate