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Spring 2008 Vol. VI, No. 3

Hostler Green Initiatives

The numerous sustainability applications of the Charles Hostler Student Center include:

- Roof integrated solar collectors for hot water and swimming pool heating
- Radiant slab cooling system
- Floor heating system
- High efficiency chilled water generation plant using sea water wells for    system cooling
- High efficiency air handling units with Heat Recovery systems
- Conservation of energy through digital building management system
- High building insulation on all external walls and ceilings
- Conservation of energy through digital building management system
- Zone energy consumption metering
- Low emission glazing (energy conservation and lower UV transmission)
- External radiant and evaporative cooling by Water Walls
- Natural wind forced ventilation
- Energy efficient light fixtures
- Interior Daylight
- Building volume-distribution creating local microclimate
- Grey water collection, treatment and reuse in the same project
- Low potable water consumption fixtures
- Standby rain water collection system
- Zone Water consumption metering
- Water-efficient landscaping using non potable water
- Use of non-potable water for toilet flushing and urinals
- Completely non-irrigated Green Field (major conservation on water    consumption)
- No use of high Ozone Depleting and/or Global Warming potential    refrigerants as per Montreal Protocol and LEED requirements
- Reduce heat - island - effect by utilizing underground parking, green roofs,    vegetated landscape and selection of appropriate pavement materials
- Interior views to external areas
- Maximized open spaces
- Excavation "construction waste" diverted from disposal /land fills
- Public transportation access
- No use of any toxic construction materials