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Spring 2008 Vol. VI, No. 3

In Memoriam

Vahram Babikian (MD ’36)
passed away on January 1, 2008 in Fresno California. He was born in Aintab, Turkey on December 29, 1911. His family was forced to move to Syria and subsequently Lebanon during the Armenian Genocide. After he graduated in 1936, he returned to Syria to practice medicine in Aleppo. In 1955 he received training in psychiatry at Central Islip Psychiatric Hospital on Long Island, New York before returning to Aleppo to start a psychiatry practice. He and his wife of 58 years moved to Fresno in 1992, retiring after more than 50 years of medical practice. He is survived by his wife Odette and two children, Vera (BA ’70) and Paul (MD ’83).

Adrian Marshall (MD ’42)
passed away November 5, 2007 at the age of 90 in his La Jolla, California home. After receiving his MD degree, he joined the US Army, and was sent to Europe during WWII where he served as a surgeon during the D-Day invasion. He was a founding member of the Academy of General Practice, now the American Academy of Family Practice. He served as president of the New Hampshire Chapter and later as president of the San Diego Academy of General Practice. He is survived by his daughters Patricia, Pamela, Prudy, and Polly and wife Elizabeth Kuenzler Marshall, who wrote that her husband ran for the AUB track and field team under Coach Trabulsi, and won a race for AUB against the Egyptian army.

George Habash (BS ’47, MD ’51)
passed away on January 26, 2008 in Amman at the age of 82. Born on August 22, 1926 in Lydda, Palestine, Habash and his family fled Palestine to Lebanon following the 1948 Palestinian nakba. In 1951 he received his MD degree with a specialty in pediatrics, and the following year he opened the Clinic of the People and a school for Palestinian refugees in Amman. In 1952 he founded the Arab Nationalist Movement with Wadi Haddad, Ahmad al Khatib, and Hani al Hundi. Following the Six-Day War in 1967, Habash established the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine— a leftist and nationalist group opposed to any concession of Arab land to Israel. A militant and political activist, Habash rotated his activities among Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon where many members of his group worked closely with the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) during 1975–76.

Abdul-Hamid Wain (MA ‘63)
passed away at the age of 83 in January 2008 in the town of Sargodha, Pakistan. The Pakistani Prime Minister Mohammedmian Soomro expressed deep sorrow over the death of Wain, who was at one point his teacher. In a message addressed to Wain’s daughter, Nudrat Nisar, Soomro remembers the contributions and commitment of her father to promoting education and social welfare in Pakistan. After completing his

degrees at AUB, Wain taught mathematics at Sadiq Public School from 1953–68. He later served as principal of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) College in Sargodha until 1980. In 1981, he started the Progressive Public School, a nonprofit private school in Sargodha.

Dana Gail George,
former instructor of general education at AUB’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences from 1962 to 1965, passed away on February 12 of metastatic breast cancer at the Hospice Inn of St. Peter’s Hospital in Albany, New York at the age of 74. In addition to contributing to arts and cultural events at Union College in Schenectady, New York, George cofounded UNITAS in 1997, a foundation that fosters diversity and community. She was married to Carl George, professor emeritus of biology at Union College.

Our Legacy

When we first met as students at AUB in 1957, I was soon impressed by Iliya Harik’s promise as a scholar. Although his parents were of modest means, they were determined to educate each of their nine children; thanks to financial aid from AUB, Iliya realized their dreams for him. He went on to receive a PhD from the University of Chicago (1964) and launched his career as a political scientist at Indiana University, with shorter sojourns in Cairo, Tunis, and Beirut, and at Cornell University. An original thinker with many books and articles to his name, Iliya often challenged conventional assumptions about governance and political theory, particularly with regard to Lebanon and the Arab world.

After his death, friends approached me about gifts in Iliya’s memory. Education was the natural answer: a scholarship, based on both merit and need, for an AUB student in the social sciences and possibly from Iliya’s home town of Dhour Shweir. I hope that this scholarship fund will help keep his intellectual contributions alive through the shaping of tomorrow’s young scholars.

Mrs. Elsa Marston Harik (former student, 1957–59)
Founder of the Iliya F. Harik Memorial Scholarship Fund

Many alumni and friends choose to remember loved ones, or honor their association with AUB by making a legacy gift. Giving makes a difference. Contact to learn more.