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Reviews: Small Change in Ancient Beirut

Spring 2007 Vol. V, No. 3

Small Change in Ancient Beirut

The first volume in the Archaeology of the Beirut Souks series (Berytus 45-46, 2001-2202) by Kevin Butcher.

Published coin reports from the eastern Mediterranean are rare. This book is the first to present over one thousand coins from any site in Lebanon. A substantial number of the roughly seven thousand coins retrieved from the AUB Souks and Bath House sites come from well-stratified groups in carefully excavated deposits, a fact which enhances their information value considerably.

In 1999, Berytus 43 assembled a series of preliminary reports on the AUB Souks excavations and the Imperial Roman Bath House, which covered aspects of Beirut from roughly two and a half millennia (fourth century B.C. to late Ottoman times), and all types of archaeological materials. The Roman Bath House, large private houses and a mosaic-paved shopping street, workshops, as well as the enlargement of the late Ottoman quay and dock area significantly broaden our knowledge of Beirut's past.

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