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Business Integrity Meets Democratic Ideals
Technology @ AUB: New Horizons in Education
  • The Education Morph
    Computers can do a lot, but there is no replacement for the human touch. See what has—and has not—changed in an AUB education.

  • To Google or to Moodle?
    Inside and outside the classroom, AUB students are downloading, uploading and unloading, using anything they can get their thumbs on.
Technology @ AUB: A Research Revolution
In Our History
  • Negotiating Peacetime
    Leading an aspiring people to independence: Dr. Howard S. Bliss addresses the 1919 Paris Peace Conference on Behalf of Syria and the Lebanon.
On Past Presidents and Football Stratagems: Fifty Years of Memories at AUB
  Dr. Yusuf Shibl, a senior AUB lecturer in finance, recently published Memories of Half a Century at AUB (Dar Al-Arabiyya Lil-Oloum: 2006), which includes detailed descriptions of many activities...
Reviews: Small Change in Ancient Beirut
  Small Change in Ancient Beirut, the first volume in the Archaeology of the Beirut Souks series (Berytus 45-46, 2001-2202) by Kevin Butcher.
Published coin reports from the eastern Mediterranean are rare. This book is the first to present over one thousand coins from any site in Lebanon.
Winter 2007 Vol. V, No. 2
Fall 2006 Vol. V, No.1
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