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Spring 2006 Vol. IV, No. 3

Recently Published

Trisba and Sula: A Miskitu Folktale from Nicaragua/Una leyenda de los Miskitos de Nicaragua
(Tiffin Press: 2005) Adapted by Joan MacCracken

Kill only what you need to survive is the moral behind this Nicaraguan folktale, adapted into a bilingual children’s picture book by Joan MacCracken, who studied at AUB in 1965-66. In the story, a young hunter forgets this wise tradition, which is intended to keep the environment in balance. Unable—or unwilling—to see the error of his ways, he continues his wasteful hunting until the king of the deer rises up against him. Educators and parents alike will find that this beautifully illustrated book contains invaluable lessons on tribal life and environmental responsibility.

The illustrations were done by the well-known artist Augusto Silva, and the book has received awards from both Criticas magazine as a Best Book of 2005 and in April 2006 from Skipping Stones, a multicultural magazine concerned with spreading cultural understanding throughout the world. All book profits go towards improving children’s literacy in Nicaragua. For further information, write Joan MacCracken at 110 Jones Point Road, Brooksville, ME 04617.

The Last Templar
(Dutton: 2006) by Raymond Khoury

Raymond Khoury’s (BA ‘83) adventure novel, The Last Templar, has held steady on the top ten of the New York Times bestseller list for much of the beginning of 2006. The plot, which is set in two different historical periods, begins in the era of the Crusaders. In 1291, as the city of Acre burns, a band of Knights Templar escape on their ship, the Falcon Temple. (The Knights Templar, as we learn, are knights of a religious and military order established in Jerusalem in the twelfth century to protect pilgrims and the Holy Sepulcher.) The mystery begins when the Falcon Temple, which also carries a chest given to the knights by the dying order’s Grand Master, vanishes at sea.

The action quickly moves to present-day New York City, where four men dressed as Knights Templar suddenly barge into the gala opening of a Vatican exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum and steal a mysterious medieval “decoder.” At this point in the story, FBI agent Sean Reilly and archaeologist Tess Chaykin join forces in an attempt to solve the complicated mystery.

Raymond Khoury is also an internationally known screenwriter, whose spy drama Spooks has enjoyed great success as a BBC production.

Marlene’s Dining Table: From East to West
[Ma’idat Marlene: Min al-Sharq ila al-Gharb]

(Arab Scientific Publishers: 2005) by Marlene Mattar

Marlene Mattar, who has a BA in sociology from AUB (‘63), has compiled a cookbook in Arabic with that contains 400 international recipes. Of special interest to the novice cook are the author’s many hints and professional advice, gleaned from long experience, on how to make food taste better without sacrificing any of its nutritional qualities.

Mattar holds a Grand Diplôme in cooking and pastry from Le Cordon Bleu, Paris (1998), and a First Certificate in Food Safety from The Royal Institute of Public Health and Hygiene (1998). She was trained by Chef Poon at L’Ecole Professionelle de Cuisine Chinoise in Montreal (2001) and by Italian food chef Nicolas Offredi in Beirut.

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