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Spring 2006 Vol. IV, No. 3

Letters to the Editors

On “Work Is Love Made Visible”
(MainGate, Fall 2005, Vol. IV, No. 1)

Dear Editors:
Your article on AUB alumnus Mr. Georges Ghanem has led me to write about other families that have attended AUB. When my brother Johnny (BA ’70) and I came to AUB in 1965, we joined our brothers Yacoub (BS Pharmacy ’64), Victor (BA ’64), Mary (BA ’65), and Jane (BS ’68, MS ’71). Later on our younger brother and sister Nabil (BA ’73) and Nabila (BA ’74) also joined AUB. The amazed president of AUB commended our parents for attending the graduation reception at Marquand House so many years in a row.

Our days at AUB fulfilled the dreams of our parents.At one point during those years they had more than five children enrolled at the same time, creating overlapping friendships that have more than doubled our experienceand love for AUB.

Today, I live in Sarasota, Florida where I have been in practice for the past 25 years in vascular and general surgery.

Issam D. Soussou (BS ’69, MD ’73)
Sarasota, Florida

MainGate, Winter 2006, Vol. IV, No. 2

Dear Editors:
I am 91 years old and enjoy reading MainGate whenever it appears.  I am a graduate of SCC ’34 and worked as secretary to the then AUB treasurer, George B. Stewart for four years before moving on to a number of other posts. I retired from Mobil Oil in 1976 as credit manager. 

As I was going through the MainGate winter issue, I came across the item on Mr. Toufic El Basha on page 56.  In it you wrote “...with his friend Anis Freiha, formed the internationally renowned Al-Anwar ensemble.”  I guess you meant to write Sa’eed Freiha, who built the news media conglomerate known as Dar Assayad.  Anis was a prominent professor in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at AUB for quite a long time.  I hope I’m right!!!

With my best regards,
Bishara H. Daoud (SCC ’34)
Beirut, Lebanon

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