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Spring 2006 Vol. IV, No. 3

AUB Calendar 2006

May 16, 2006
Joel Beinin of Stanford University presents “The New Global Economy and the Political Economy of Islamic Movements”

May 17–18, 2006
Faculty of Engineering and Architecture 5th Annual
Student Conference

May 19, 2006
Big Football Game
(tentative date)

May 21, 2006
Folk Dance Festival

May 26–27, 2006
Kathleen Clever and St. Clare Borne present “UnAmerican Acts”, CVSP(Civilization Sequence Program) Forum Workshop, co-sponsored
by the Office of the Provost

June 5–16, 2006
Faculty of Health Science (FHS) Training: Advances in Development Communication

June 12–14, 2006
CEIS (Civil Engineering Infrastructure Systems) Conference

June 19-21, 2006
Graphic Design Program 10th Anniversary

June 19-23, 2006
FHS Training: Social Health Insurance; Flagship Program on Health Sector Reform and Sustainable Financing

June 24, 2006
Commencement and Honorary Degree Ceremony

June 28–Aug. 11, 2006
CAMES Summer Arabic Language Program

June 30–July 2, 2006
Class Reunion 2006

July 10–14, 2006
FHS Summer Training
Program-Course One: Health Program Management

July 16–17, 2006
Faculty of Health Sciences class reunions for ’79, ’84, ’89, and ’94

July 17–20, 2006
FHS Summer Training
Program-Course Two:
Evidence-Based Public Health

July 19–23, 2006
Regional Short Course: Introduction to Epidemiology
and Interpretation of Health Data, Faculty of Health Sciences

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