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Recently Published

Surrounded by Words
Ghenwa Dakdouki, fellow in Infectious Diseases, Internal Medicine, recently published a book of poetry, Surrounded by Words (Hissar el Kalimat). The book, which is dedicated to her village, Barja, carries the same theme of her
previous works—that writing helps Middle Eastern women let go of restrained feelings. Surrounded by Words is divided into four chapters: Whispering of Roots, Romantic Stories, Songs of Pain, and Scattered Words, which all reflect on the author’s childhood and her emotions.

Regulating the Financial Sector in the Era of Globalization
In Regulating the Financial Sector in the Era of Globalization (Palgrave Macmillan: 2003), Zuhayr Mikdashi (former faculty member and alumnus) examines the role of public authorities and of business executives in the prevention, moderation, containment, and resolution of financial problems in an international economic landscape in which economies are becoming increasingly interdependent. His analysis is non-mathematical, with a focus on the identification and evaluation of major economic, socio-political, and managerial factors of critical importance to an optimal regulation of financial intermediation. With significant empirical evidence and key research studies, the author highlights the challenges facing financial regulation and calls for strengthening financial intermediation for the public good. Dr. Mikdashi is professor of banking and finance at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland.