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Fall 2008 Vol. VII, No. 1

Beirut: A World of Art - More From the Artists

Ghada Jamal writes: “I have been seriously painting and exhibiting since 1985. Currently I am working on a body of work of a specific theme: “Trace and Remains”. My earliest paintings were Lebanese landscapes on sight .When I moved to the States my art dramatically changed to reveal violence and sorrow in war torn landscapes and desolated cityscapes. In 1993 my art work became tamer and started to express my surroundings and scenes from my studio's window in California. Point, line and horizon was a mural that expressed my peace with myself, past and Lebanon. At the same time I started to working on the sound of Classical Arabic music and visualizing it in abstract paintings. In 2002 I returned and took Beirut, Lebanon a place of residence.

1. Trace and remains #6
Media: oil on canvas
Dimensions: 130 cm x150cm
Date: 2008

2.  Title: Trace and remains#5
Media: Oil on canvas
Dimensions:130 cm x 150 cm
Date: 2008

3. Title: Trace and remains# 2
Media: Oil on canvas                           
Dimensions: 130 cm x150 cm                   
Date: 2007

4. Title: Lebanon landscape#9
Media: Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 110 cm x 135 cm

5. Title:  Finger prints #14
Media: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 120 cm x 210 cm                             


6. Title: Music series #8
Media: Oil on paper
Dimensions: 30 cm x 40 cm                                 
Date: 1999

7. Title: Point line and horizon
Media: Mixed media on wood
Dimensions: 8.10 m x 2.4 m
Date: 1997

8. Title: From my window # 12
Media: Oil on paper 
Dimensions: 67 cm x 58 cm                                 
Date: 1994

9. Title: War series # 16
Media: Oil on canvas 
Dimensions: 150 cm x 130 cm                             
Date: 1992

10. Title: War series # 5
Media: Oil on paper  
Dimensions: 150 cm x 110 cm                             
Date: 1990


The acting chair for the new Fine Arts and Art History (FAAH)  Department at AUB in 2005 and then chair in 2006, Kurani has been involved in the art department at AUB since he studied there in 1962-66. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with special concentration in Education and English Literature. He took classes with and later taught alongside Arthur Frick and John Carswell.  After graduating from AUB, he received a professional degree in Theater Arts with a concentration in stage design and costuming from the Bristol Old Vic Theater School, in association with Bristol University, Bristol, England. His personal studies in the studio arts and graphics took him to the Royal Academy of the West, Bristol, and various museums and cultural centers in England, USA, and Lebanon.

His work has been featured in many one man shows including the Galerie Station des Arts, Badaro, Beirut; the Galerie Epreuve d’Artiste, Achrafieh; and Aintoura College, Aintoura. Recent collective shows include the Salon d’Automne Collective Exhibit, Musee Sursock, Beirut; the Current Academic Artists Show, organized by World of Art Gallery, Ramlet el Baida; and the Deir el Kamar Artist’s Day Show. His current research involves an exploration of portrait painting techniques using combinations of the new water-soluble oil paints with both acrylics and regular oil paints. Also ongoing work in stage and landscape art, studio and plain-air painting in watercolors and mixed media.


Born in Beirut in 1931, she began painting at the age of 16 under the private tutelage of Fernando Manetti, an Italian artist then residing in Lebanon.

She studied art at AUB from 1964 to 1968. In 1964, she executed a sculpture portrait of her father began the first prototypes of her embroidered and hand-painted gowns. In 1970 she moved from Beirut to Paris, France. From 1981-1982 she lived and worked in New York, then she returned to Paris, where she began work with Rumanian sculptor George Apostu on a series of stone, wood and terra cotta sculptures. From there she moved to Venice, California, where she presently lives and works.

Her works are permanently at the galerie Janine Rubeiz.


Mohammed Rawas
Mohammed Rawas was born in Beirut in 1951. He studied painting at the Institute of Fine Art of the Lebanese University, and graduated in 1975 with honors and received the Lebanese University Scholarship to study abroad. The year of his graduation witnessed the beginning of the civil war in Lebanon, which led the artist to stop painting and to leave his country to Syria, where he worked as a stage designer at the Syrian Television. Then he traveled o Morocco where he stayed for two years in Rabat, teaching art and resuming painting. He came back to Beirut in 1979 to hold his first solo show before joining the Slade School of Fine Art in London in the same year.

Upon his return to Beirut in 1981with a Master Degree in Printmaking, he started his academic career at the Lebanese University and the American University of Beirut that lasted for 27 years.

Mohammed Rawas served for 9 years as a secretary general of the Association of Lebanese Artist and is a founding member of the Syndicate of Lebanese Artists.

Since 1979 Rawas held 8 individual exhibitions in Beirut and London and participated in more than 40 international art biennials and exhibitions in England, USA, Norway, Tunis, Brazil, Japan, Kuwait, France, Holland, Egypt, UAE, Poland and China. In these international shows, he claimed 5 prizes and honorable mentions, including in 2008, the prize of Alexandria Biennial of the Art of the Mediterranean Countries, for his first installation and video art piece.

His work is found in many Museums and public collections in Lebanon, Tunis, Iraq, Jordan, Sharjah, Norway and England.


Vladimir Tamari
Born in Jerusalem, Palestine, in 1942, Vladimir Tamari studied physics and art from 1957 to 1963 at AUB, where he was art editor of Outlook. He has continued drawing and painting up to the present, while maintaining parallel careers as an inventor and physicist. Since 1980, in addition to his artwork, he has conducted intensive studies in optics and imaging, and has developed a new theory to unify quantum and relativistic physics. He is currently finishing work on designing AlQuds, a sans-serif Arabic font for the computer, a project that he started in his student days at AUB. AlQuds will be released as part of Tasmeen in Adobe InDesign CS4 this year.