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Fall 2008 Vol. VII, No. 1

Class Notes


Nicholas G. Athanassiades
(BS ’54) is a retired pharmaceutical operations executive. He can be reached at shankolij[at]

Carolyn Corzine
(student, 1959-60) was a history major, philosophy minor. Corzine can be reached at carolyn[at]

Michael Mohajery
(BE ’66) earned a PhD from Clarkson College of Technology and became president of M3 Consultants LLC, a worldwide mergers and acquisitions consultancy specializing in cross-border transactions in the non-ferrous metals industry. Mohajery can be reached at sams1pappy[at]

Mamduh Sifri
(BS ’68, MS ’71) is a Poultry Science Association fellow and the director of Poultry, Specialty Marketing, and Technical Support at Archer Daniels Midland Alliance Nutrition in Quincy, Illinois. Sifri writes of his appreciation of MainGate for continuity and connection to “memorable AUB days.” He can be contacted at Mamduh_Sifri[at]

Huda I. Haddad
(BA ’69) is married and has two grown, married children—both graduates of AUB. Her daughter Christine received her MBA at AUB and her PhD at the University of Southern California. Her son Zahi received his BS in mechanical engineering from AUB and his MBA from Ecole Superieure des Affaires (ESA) in Beirut. Haddad can be contacted at hudahaddad[at]


Tarek Kettaneh
(BE ’70) is president of Turnaround Properties, Inc.
He is on the board of Babylon Telecom, a company operating in Iraq, and also of Blacksmith Studios, a 3D graphics firm based in Bahrain. Kettaneh can be reached at tkettaneh[at]

Margaret Salameh King
(BA ’70) earned her MA in anthropology at New York University in 1975.  Her second book, The Exodus in the Quran, is available from  She can be contacted at msking515[at]

Sharon Williams Van Rooij
(MA ’70) received her PhD in Instructional Technology from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, where she is an assistant professor. She is a Certified Distance Education Professional (CDEP) and a frequent speaker on the development of Web-based education. She also holds the Project Management Professional (PMP) credential from the Project Management Institute, Inc. She can be contacted at swvr[at]

Aida Zakka Bishouty
(BS ’71, MA ’75) is partner and technical and administrative director of the Middle East Environmental Consortium (MEEC). She can be reached at meecsarl[at]

Adlette Inati Khoriaty
(BS ’71, MD ’76) is the head of the Division of Pediatric Hematology-Oncology, and the medical director of the Children’s Center for Cancer and Blood Diseases at Rafik Hariri University Hospital in Beirut. She can be reached at khorina[at]

Joseph F. Maalouf
(BS ’71, MD ’75) is a professor of medicine and a consultant in cardiovascular diseases at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. He can be reached at maalouf.youssef[at]

Hassan Behnam
(BA ’72) works at the French Embassy in Cairo as Managing Director and CIO of UBIFRANCE’s regional press office covering nine counties in the Middle East.  He is also a media adviser to the Franco-Egyptian Presidential Business Council.  Behnam is married to Diana Banna; their daughter Yasmine works in fashion communications with Al-Tayer Group in Dubai, and their son Ramine is a hotels operations analyst at Al Khurafi Group in Cairo.  Behnam can be contacted at HassanBehnam[at]

Ghassoub Kawar
(BS ’72) is managing director of Amin Kawar and Sons, a leading travel and tourism company in Jordan. Kawar can be reached at ghassoub[at]

Yusef Fadlalla
(BS ’72, MS ’75) earned a PhD in biology from the University of California at Santa Cruz. He works for Saudi Aramco as a marine environmental specialist. Fadlalla lives in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia with his wife Lina, his son Ramsey, and his daughter Sara. He can be contacted at

Nawrez N. Qarden
(BS ’72) is officially retired but continues to work as a freelance human resources consultant for the auto industry. Qarden’s email addresses are
nqarden[at] and nazourk[at]

Abdulhamid Abdur-Rahman Bassam
(BA ’73) has three PhD degrees—from Harvard University, the University of Michigan, and Michigan State University. The Queen of England has bestowed on him the Knight Medal of Honor of the British Royal Academy of Law and Diplomacy. Bassam was formerly the chancellor and is currently the head minister of economic affairs and the Supreme Council’s economic adviser for the Gulf Cooperation Council. He can be contacted at dr_aab[at]

Hagop Bessos
(BS ’73, MS ’76) has a PhD from the University of Edinburgh Medical School and is currently a fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists (FRCPath). He is principal clinical scientist at the National Science Lab, Blood Transfusion Service, in Scotland. Bessos can be reached at bessos[at]

Camille Khattar Hedrick
(BS ’74) works full-time as a consultant for the global marketing and communications company Electronics Data Systems. She can be contacted at camille.hedrick[at]

Diya F. Mutasim
(BS ’74, MD ’79). For the last ten years, Mutasim has been professor and chairman of the Department of Dermatology at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.

Ramsay G. Najjar
(BA ’74) is the chairman of Strategic Communication Consultancy (S2C). He was president of Saatchi & Saatchi in Beirut. Najjar can be contacted at ramsay.najjar[at]

Elias Absi
(BS ’75) is senior project manager for Gennum Corporation in Canada. He can be reached at emabsi[at]

Tony A. Hamad
(BBA ’75) is executive director for asset management at Sorouh Real Estate PJSC in Abu Dhabi. His email address is thamad[at]

Antoine Azzi
(BE ’78) is managing director of Prosys, an engineering company involved in security systems design and implementation. He is general secretary of the Executive Council of the Syndicate of Security and Safety Professionals in Lebanon (SSSPL). Azzi can be contacted at prosys[at]

Humam Mufti
(BE ’78) is general manager of STS in Amman, Jordan. He can be reached at humam.mufti[at]

Jack Wazen
(BS ’74, MD ’78) has moved to Sarasota, Florida and is now director of research at the Silverstein Institute. He can be contacted at otonro[at]

Safi Halaoui
(MS ’75) is the operations manager of WETICO.He can be reached at shalaoui[at]

Fouad A. Khoury
(BBA ’75) is the assistant vice president of finance and treasury at Consolidated Contractors Company in Athens, Greece. He can be reached at fkhoury[at]

Fadi Saab
(BA ’76) is chairman and president of Trans Mediterranean Airways (TMA).

Dr. Nada Salman
(BS ’76, MD ’82) and Dr. Amin El Hassan (BS ’72, MD ’76) have three children: Dania, a graduate in civil engineering from Tufts University; Ramzi (20) studying biomedical engineering and pre-med; and Danny (18) studying psychology at New York University. Drs. Salman and El Hassan would love to hear from old friends. Their contact information is nselhassan[at]

Mona Rassi
(BS ’77, MS ’79) lives in Ontario, Canada and works at the Humber River Regional Hospital. She can be contacted at MRassi[at]

Serhan Kayal
(BS ’77, MS ’81) earned his PhD in environmental sciences from Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia. He is currently an environmental consultant for Saudi Aramco. Kayal can be contacted at Serhan.kayal[at], kayalsx[at]

Tarek E. Na’was
(BS ’77, MS ’79, PhD ’83) is now dean of students and associate professor of biology/pharmacy at the Lebanese American University. He can be reached at tnawas[at] and would welcome hearing from old friends.

Zaki Zaatari
(BE ’78) works at Oger Liban in Beirut. Zaatari received his MS in mechanical engineering at Cornell University in 1982. He can be reached at ZakZaatari[at]

Salah Fakhouri
(BS ’79, MPH ’81) is a partner and chief executive officer of Health Management in Dubai. He can be reached at salahfakhouri[at] and salah.fakhouri[at]

Nada Shihab Ghaziri
(BS ’79) Ghaziri is an RN serving as nursing staff development coordinator at the AUB Medical Center. She can be reached at ns21[at]


Bassem P. Fakhry
(BE ’80, MBA ’87) is a regional service leader for the Middle East and Africa in the Transportation Division of GE International, Inc. He works in Dubai. Fakhry can be reached at bassem.fakhry[at]

Rabih O. Darouiche
(BS ’80, MD ’84) is founder and director of the Center for Prostheses Infection (CPI) at the Baylor College of Medicine. He also founded the national Multidisciplinary Alliance Against Device-Related Infection (MADRI). He is one of the inventors of an innovative antibacterial envelope for surgical implants. Darouiche completed his internship, residency, and fellowship at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. He is board certified in internal medicine, infectious disease, and spinal cord injury medicine.

Yasmine Karanuh
(BA ’80) is a senior administrator in the Management Support Unit of the Social Protection Sector of the International Labour Organization, an institution in Geneva, Switzerland. He can be reached at karanuh[at]

Nada Sinno Saoud
(BS ’80, MS ’82) is the Post Herbarium Curator at AUB’s Department of Biology. Saoud can be contacted at ns02[at]

Hisham Abdul-Malak
(BA ’81) is president of Bookmag, Inc., a book and magazine exporting company located in Stamford, Connecticut. Abdul-Malak can be reached at

Fadi Eidi
(BE ’81) is a project manager for UNISYS. He lives in Bethesda, Maryland. Eidi can be contacted at feidi[at]

Paul Khoury
(BE ’82) For the last five years, Khoury has worked as a linguist for the US Army. He can be contacted at pkhour42658[at]

Fawzi Kyriakos-Saad
(BE ‘84) has been appointed Credit Suisse chief executive officer for Russia, the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), and Turkey. Kyriakos-Saad is a member of the Europe Middle East Africa Operating Committee, based in Moscow. He worked until recently as Credit Suisse CEO for emerging EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa markets). Before joining Credit Suisse in 2006, Kyriakos-Saad held various positions at JP Morgan Chase and worked for eight years at Goldman Sachs in New York and London. He also has an MBA from the Columbia University Business School.  Kyriakos-Saad can be reached at fawz1[at]

Firas Bou Diab
(former student, mid 1980s) is a transportation and traffic engineer at Dar Al Handasah (Shair & Partners). He can be reached at bou_diab[at]


hsan Alkhatib
(BA ’90) has a private law practice in Dearborn, Michigan and is an adjunct professor at Henry Ford Community College. He is finalizing his dissertation on Arab American Political Participation at Wayne State University. Alkhatib is an active participant in international conferences on issues such as Arabs and Muslims in the west, national security and civil rights, and Muslim-government relations and security issues. Alkhatib recently started to blog on these issues: He can be emailed at ehsankhatib[at]

Ahmad Houri
(BS ’90) is now associate professor of chemistry at the Lebanese American University in Beirut. His email address is ahouri[at]

Sami Jabara
(BS ’91, MD ’95) completed a fellowship in reproductive endometriosis and infertility at the University of Pennsylvania in 2002. He is currently division director of infertility and reproductive medicine at Texas Technology University in Lubbock, Texas. Jabara has received numerous teaching awards and has published widely on infertility. He can be reached at

Lokman I. Meho
(BA ’91, MA ’96) was recently promoted from assistant to associate professor with tenure at Indiana University in Bloomington where he also serves as the director of the Master of Library Science Program. Meho received his PhD in information science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he also earned his MS in library science [Summa Cum Laude]. Last July, Meho married Chahnaz N. Ali. For more information, please visit or contact Meho at meho[at]

Jay Srage
(BE ’91) earned an MBA from the University of Chicago and an MS in electrical engineering from the University of Michigan. He was recently appointed vice president of business development for the MENA at Qualcomm, a wireless technologies and data solutions company. His prior employment was with Texas Instruments. Srage can be reached at sragej[at]

Wafic Yassin
(BE ’91) is networking and site services manager for Gulf Business Machines. He can be contacted at wafic.yassin[at]

Zeina Kassem
(BA ’92, MBA ’97) is senior economic officer in capacity development for fiscal reform management for a United Nation Development Program project at the Ministry of Finance of Lebanon. Kassem can be contacted at ZeinaK[at]

Elie P. Alexandros
(BE ’93) is deputy MEP manager for the Dubai Mall Project for CCC in Dubai. He can be reached at Ealexandros[at]

Bassam G. Kassab
(BE ’93, ME ’95) was recently promoted to program manager at the Santa Clara Valley Water District in California. Kassab also successfully pursues a life in the arts, writing short stories in Arabic, English, and Spanish, and soon Farsi—a language he is currently learning. Kassab coproduced and acted in the Egyptian feature film, Toul Omri or “All My Life” (, which addresses the social issues of women and gay men in an open and unapologetic way. The world premiere took place in June 2008 at the prestigious Frameline 32nd International LGBT Film Festival in San Francisco. Bassam can be reached at bassam[at]

Issam Khneisser
(BS ’93, MS ’95) works for Roche Diagnostics in Mannheim, Germany. He can be contacted at issam.khneisser[at]

Wassef Mouhtar
(BS ’93) is a regional product manager for the energy-based devices division at Covidien. He can be reached at Wassef.mouhtar[at]

Bejjani, Roland
(BE ’93) was formerly with UNIPAK and is now in living Canada. He can be reached at rolandbejj[at]

Robert Sfairy
(BE ’93, ME ’95) has been senior project control engineer at BEMCO International Offshore since March 2008. He can be reached at robertsfairy[at]

Wissam Shaar
(BS ’93) is the electrical engineering manager for DC Pro Engineering in Sharjah, UAE. He can be reached at wss05[at]

Bassam Shaheen
(BS ’93, MPH ’95) is chief operating officer for the Specialized Medical Center Hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He can be contacted at bassam_chahine[at]

Abdul-Jalil Shreim
(BE ’93) works at Motorola as a mobile TV business development manager. He can be reached at a.shreim[at]

Mazen S. Slim
(BS ’93, MPH ’95) is the sales and marketing manager for the Gulf and Middle Eastern Company, Allied Medical. He can be reached at mazenslim[at]

Nasser Yassin
(BS ’93, MS ’97) is an associate fellow at the Institute of Environmental Security in the UK. He can be reached at nkyassin[at]

Ayssar Arida
(BArch ’94) is principal at Q-DAR Development, Architecture Research, in London. He can be reached at ays.bkp[at]

Ahmad Fak’ha
(BE ’94) is senior mechanical engineer at Arabian Bemco Contracting Co. Ltd. He can be reached at afakha[at]

Ramzi Khalaf
(BE ’94) now lives in Toronto, Canada and can be contacted at ramzikhalaf[at]

Alia Moubayed
(BA ’94, MBA ’97) is senior economist on Poverty Reduction and Economic Management for Europe and Central Asia at the World Bank. She can be contacted at amoubayed[at]

Ahmad Tarhini
(BS ’94) received his MD at the University of Kansas. He is currently an assistant professor of medicine at the Faculty of Hematology/Oncology at the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Medicine. He can be reached at tarhiniaa[at]

Mohammad Bilal Yamout
(BE ’94) is a construction manager at CCC in Qatar. He can be reached at bilal.yamout[at]

Shady Hayek
(BS ’95, MD ’99) completed a residency training in plastic and reconstructive surgery at AUBMC in 2006. He then joined the University of Minnesota for a hand surgery fellowship and the University of Iowa for another fellowship in burn surgery. He is now completing a third fellowship in aesthetic surgery and joined the Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at AUBMC in August 2008. Hayek is married to Niam Sinno (BBA ’98, MBA ’02). Sinno received several professional certifications in the United States and will join PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) as a senior manager in human capital. Hayek can be contacted at sh16[at] and Sinno can be reached at niamsinno[at]

Rony Honein
(BE ’95) is account manager for Cisco, Morocco. He can be reached at rony.honein[at]

Rana Mohammad Idlbi
(BA ’95, MA ’99) is living in Florida with her husband and two beautiful boys. She is pursuing a PhD in public health. Idlbi can be reached at ridlbi[at]

George S. Jeha
(BS ’95, MD ’99) is a professor of pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine. His specialty is pediatric endocrinology and metabolism. Jeha can be contacted at gsjeha[at]

Nancy Kanbar
(BS ’95, MS ’99) earned her PhD in agricultural economics at George Mason University and is now a lecturer in economics at AUB. She can be reached at nancykanbar[at]

Lena Rahbany
(BA ’95) is the economics and business editor for Al Hayat newspaper. She has more than 10 years experience in economic and business journalism, including editing daily international and MENA economic and business news, analyzing economic reports, writing features and opinion articles, and special interviews with Arab and international economic and business personalities. Rahbany can be reached at lena[at] or lenagems[at]

Mahmoud Taleb
(BS ’95) works for Envirotech in Beirut that is cooperating with a Japanese environmental consultancy (NJS) on a joint wastewater treatment project in Saida. Taleb can be reached at mtaleb[at]

Danny Dagher
(BA ’96) works in strategy and business development at Shuaa Capital, a Dubai based investment bank. He can be reached at DDagher[at]

Rami Habli
(BBA ’96) earned an MBA from Boston University. He is currently executive vice president of investments at the Kuwait Holding Company. Habli can be reached at rhabli[at]

Layal Horanieh
(BA ’96) has recently left her position as chief of staff to a federal member of parliament, working in the Canadian House of Commons to join the International Committee of the Red Cross. She will be working in communications. Horanieh can be reached at lhoranieh[at]

Etienne Khayat
(BE ’96, ME ’00) has been appointed vice president at Citigroup Private Bank in London. He will be working as a capital markets specialist generating investment products in both equity and fixed income derivatives for clients in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. His email address is etienne.khayat[at]

Myriam Shwayri
(BE ’96) recently received her MS in communications management from Syracuse University, where she was a Phi Kappa Phi. She manages communications for the Al-Kafaàt Foundation. Al-Kafaàt (“Abilities” in Arabic) was founded in 1957 by Myriam’s parents, Lily and Nadeem (BA ’56, MA ’59). It is a development and nonprofit organization that employs 800 people and delivers medical, educational, and employment services to 4,500 beneficiaries daily. Myriam can be reached at mns[at] or on Facebook.

Yasser Hijazi
(BE ’97) is senior projects control engineer for the CCC Managing Office in Athens, Greece. He can be contacted at yasserhijazi[at]

Samih Al Mawass
(BBA ’98) is EMEA product manager for Abbott Vascular International. He can be contacted at samih.almawass[at]

Moussa A. Tawil
(BBA ’98, MBA ’02) is territory manager for the Gulf states for Oracle MEA. He can be contacted at moussa.tawil[at]

Rima N. Hanna
(BA ’99, MA ’04) is a full-time English instructor at AUB. She can be reached at rimahanna[at]

Adib Al Nakib
(BBA ’99) is vice managing director and member of the board of Solidere Egypt Real Estate Management Services in Cairo, Egypt. He can be contacted at adibnakib[at]

Marwan Refaat
(BS ’99, MD ’03) is a cardio-vascular fellow at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. He can be reached at rifaatmarwan[at]

Samer Saliba
(BE ’99) is the technical manager at Société Orientale des Métaux Précieux ( He can be reached at samersaliba[at]


Mohammed El-Ansari
(BS ’00, MPH ’04) is a sales manager with Medtronic Mediterranean SAL in Beirut. He can be reached at mohammed.ansari[at]

John Bou Said
(BA ’00) works at the Ibn Khuldoon National Schools in Bahrain as a middle school math teacher. He has been married for five years and has a four-year-old daughter named Luna who is already a budding scientist. Said can be reached at 00-9733-676-7461 or by e-mail at john.bsaid[at]

Tony Hchaime
(BBA ’00) is director of investment banking at Lehman Brothers International in Dubai. He can be reached at tony.hchaime[at]

Ali Saleh Itani
(BA ’00) is currently in Kuwait working for one of its largest retail companies, Alshaya, as their corporate communications manager. Previously he was the adviser on Middle Eastern affairs to the Japanese Parliament for three years—the first Lebanese or Arab to work at the Japanese Parliament. He is engaged to Ghena Hariri (BA ’00). Itani can be reached at

Mohammad Said Minkara
(BE ’00, ME ’07) is engineering projects senior manager at Jeddah Cable Company, a leading manufacturer of power cables in the Gulf. Minkara has presented many papers on instrumentation cables, XLPE high voltage cables, and cable raw materials at international exhibitions in the Middle East. He can be contacted at mhminkara[at]

Karim Yamout
(BA ’00) and Dionne Demoran were married last April in Gulfport, Mississippi. Yamout expects to complete his doctoral degree in clinical psychology at Argosy University in Atlanta, Georgia in June 2009. He is presently in his fifth year of an internship program in neuropsychology at the University of Kansas Medical Center, where his wife is a registered nurse. Yamout can be reached at kzyamout[at]

Omar Jisr
(BE ’01) Following graduation, Jisr worked as a trainee at Bureau Ghalayini in Tripoli, Lebanon for a year. He then moved to Saudi Arabia and worked as a structural design engineer for Saudi Oger, Ltd. He is currently a senior engineer with Saudi Oger, one of the leading construction companies in the GCC region. Jisr can be reached at omarjisr[at]

Rachid Naddi
(BA ’01) is working as a senior water treatment engineer at Metito/Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies in Saudi Arabia. He can be contacted at rachid.naddi[at]

Sally Ibrahim Al Rabbaa
(MPH ’01) is quality systems manager at Saint George Hospital University Medical Center and an instructor of organization and quality management at the University of Balamand Faculty of Health Sciences. Al Rabbaa is a member of the Lebanese national team surveying governmental hospitals in collaboration with Haute Autorité de Santé of France and the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health. Al Rabbaa can be reached at sallyrabbaa[at]

Shadi Rhayem
(BBA ’01) is pursuing an MBA at AUB and can be reached at shadirhayem[at] or srr02[at]

Khaled Adra
(BS ’02) is HR manager for the Gulf region at Kamal Osman Jamjoom. He can be contacted at Khaled.adra[at]

James Bejjani
(BA ’02) is an associate director for UBS where he works as a New York mortgage trading strategist. He can be reached at jamesbejjani[at]

Moufid M. Dardas
(BBA ’02, MBA ’07) is a director at Corporate Finance House (CFH) in Beirut. He can be reached at Moufid[at]

Nina Isaac
(BBA ’02) is area marketing information manager—MEC for British American Tobacco in Dubai. She can be reached at ninaisaac[at]

Hiba Itani Koraytem
(BA ’02, MAFE ’05) is a junior manager in credit operations and quality assurance at the National Bank of Kuwait. She writes that, “God blessed us with a baby boy, Mosbah.” Itani Koraytem can be reached at hiba_999[at]

Wissam Madi
(BBA ’02) is district manager for Expeditors International in Kuwait. He can be reached at wissam.madi[at]

Wissam Shaar
(BE ’02) is the electrical engineering manager at DC Pro Engineering in Sharjah, UAE. His email address is wss05[at]

Gilbert Semaan
(BEN ’02). After earning his MS in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University in Indiana, Semaan worked for three years as a design engineer at Parker Hannifin Corporation. He then joined Baxter Healthcare Corporation as a Senior Engineer working on the development of new medical devices at the company’s main R & D facility in the Chicago area.  Semaan can be reached at gilsem[at]

Georges Akaoui
(BS ’03, MBA ’07) married Alexandra-Klavdia Anserian in May. After a small family wedding in Cyprus, the couple honeymooned in Egypt. Georges is a client services manager at Integration Group, an employee owned consultancy firm focusing on bringing accountability in marketing and communications. Georges and Alexandra are living in Nicosia, Cyprus and can be contacted at gakaoui[at]

Jad Aoun
(BBA ’03) is a senior business analyst at Amana Steel Buildings Contracting in Dubai. He can be reached at aounjad[at]

Jihane El Khoury
(BS ’03). After graduating from AUB, El Khoury spent three years as a senior analyst developer on the Special Investigation Commission (SIC) in Lebanon fighting money laundering. She then earned a master’s degree in management from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). El Khoury is currently the assistant to the first vice governor at the Central Bank of Lebanon. Her personal e-mail is jihanekh[at]

Maher Itani
(ME ’03) is in charge of a rapidly growing software and database system at AUB’s Faculty of Engineering and Architecture. He is engaged to Maya Y. Itani (ME ’07); they hope to get married next year. Maher Itani can be reached at mi19[at]

Dani El-Maalouli
(BBA ’04) currently lives in Andover, Massachusetts and works for Merrill Lynch. He can be reached at dani_elmaalouli[at]

Rachel Mitri
(BBA ’04) has been a market risk analyst at BLOM Bank, SAL in Beirut since December 2004. She can be contacted at 

Irene Cordahi
(BE ’05) received her master’s in engineering (high performance structures) from MIT in 2006 and has worked at Tishman Realty and Construction in New York City since her graduation. She is the president of the Lebanese Club of New York—a professional networking organization. Cordahi can be reached at icordahi[at]

Joumana Mattar Moukarzel
(BGD ’05) is pursuing a master’s degree in design management at the Instituto Europeo di Design in Barcelona. She can be reached at joumyjou[at]

Rola Khairallah
(BA ’07) is executive officer to the VP for facilities at AUB. She can be contacted at rk29[at]

Lena Kelekian
(BS ’81) won the Gold Medal for Lebanon at an international exhibition of art that took place at the time of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. The exhibition, entitled Colors and the Olympics, included works from 700 artists from 81 countries.
Kelekian is a multi-faceted artist who is interested in abstract and religious art and in the creation of cities. With her many paintings and murals she has participated in numerous exhibitions throughout the world. Kelekian also serves as president of the Lebanon Chapter of the Association of Women Innovating in the Mediterranean.

Jawaria Tareen
(MS ’08) writes: “Studying at AUB was the best part of my academic life, and I can see it at work in my personal life in what I learned from my honorable teachers and the diversity of my fellow students.” Tareen works at the World Wide Fund for Nature in Pakistan. She can be reached at jtareen[at]

Recently Honored

Akram Miknas
(1963–66) of the Arab ad agency Fortune Promoseven, won two Gold and two Silver Lions at the 2008 Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival (IAF). The IAF is the most prestigious international event of its kind, honoring the world’s most talented and creative minds.

Fadi Sinno
(BS ’82, MD ’85) was recently elected to be the President of the John Staige Davis Society, which is the society of all board certified plastic surgeons of the state of Maryland, effective in February of 2009. He is currently in private practice in Maryland at the Sinno Center for Plastic Surgery.

Isam W. Nasr
(BS ’99, MD ’03) is a recipient of the prestigious American College of Surgeons Resident Research Scholarship for 2008. These scholarships are awarded to encourage residents to pursue careers in academic surgery. Nasr is a resident in surgery at the University of Pittsburgh. His research project focuses on the role of tertiary lymphoid organs in chronic allograft rejection.

Zeinab N. Slim
(BS ’06, MS ’08) received the Young Investigators Award APLAR 2008 (Asia Pacific League of Associations for Rheumatology) for her thesis entitled:  “The study of rheumatic/musculoskeletal symptoms and disorders in southern Lebanon.”  This award is given to a young scientist, under 40 years of age who has made outstanding independent contributions to basic or clinical research in the field of rheumatology. Slim was supervised by Professor Monique Chaaya and Dr. Imad Uthman from AUB’s Department of Internal Medicine. Slim received the award during a gala dinner on September 26 in Yokohama, Japan.