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Fall 2006 Vol. V, No. 1

In Memoriam

Ruhi Kahlil Hindawi (MD ’52) passed away on March 20. Hindawi, who specialized in cardiothoracic and vascular surgery, worked in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. He was a member of the Delaware Valley Vascular Society, the Eastern Valley Vascular Society, the New Jersey Society of Thoracic Surgeons, and the Society of Thoracic Surgeons.

In addition to participating in these organizations, he enjoyed discussing and analyzing cases with aspiring physicians. His greatest professional pleasure was mentoring residents and participating in educational seminars. He found it both a privilege and an honor to enrich the minds of future physicians.

In his memory, his family has established the Ruhi K. Hindawi Scholarship Fund that will provide need-based financial assistance for academically outstanding medical students at AUB. This will perpetuate his commitment to educating doctors for generations to come.

Rosemarie Said Zahlan, historian and authority on the United Arab Emirates, died May 10 in London. Like her brother, the literary critic Edward Said, who died in 2003, she was a patron of Palestinian causes, especially the Gaza Library Project. She was a visiting lecturer at AUB in the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture (summers 1965 and 1966) and a research associate in the History Department in 1969-70. In 1978, she published The Origins of the United Arab Emirates: A Political and Social History of the Trucial States, which The Economist described as “a detailed and sometimes astonishing picture of how British power was exercised and of the personalities involved.” She also published The Making of the Modern Gulf States in 1989, as well as a history of Qatar.

Hovhaness Tilkian, born February 11, 1904, died peacefully at his home in Beirut on April 28. For over thirty years, Tilkian was a dedicated anatomy laboratory technician-instructor at AUB’s Faculty of Medicine who went out of his way to assist medical students. He retired in 1973. His friends fondly remember how he would entertain and delight his guests by playing well-known tunes on the flute.

He received his elementary education at the Birds' Nest in Jubeil. He was decorated by the Lebanese Republic in 1960 and served on the executive board of two Armenian high schools. He is survived by his wife Emily, his son Hrag-John, and his grandchildren.

William F. Rice, former AUB comptroller and vice president, passed away June 3 at the age of 85. One of twelve children, he was an avid photographer, a “sometime athlete,” and World War II veteran. Before joining AUB, Rice was an office manager at Lyon Metal Products in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and proudly served in the US Army in the European Theater, 1942-46. He subsequently taught courses in business administration and economics at Muskingum College, in Ohio, and at Allegheny College, in Pennsylvania. He began his 39-year career at AUB in 1957 as an assistant comptroller, and eventually assumed the positions of comptroller, associate director and director of the New York Office, and finally vice president. Upon his retirement in 1996, one colleague wrote that he “represented to many of us the auger, the fulcrum, and ideal dedication to the University”; others called him “an ever present source of wisdom, and a model of modesty.” Colleagues, friends, and family remember him for his vision, dedication, leadership, and kindness. Rice is survived by his son Kenneth; three brothers, John, Jim, and Tom; four sisters, Jane, Velna, Dot, and Lois; three grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren.

Wadi Issa Sawabini (DDS ’40) was born in Jaffa, Palestine in 1917. He was one of the last to graduate from AUB’s School of Dentistry, which closed in 1941. He subsequently pursued his training in the United States, and during 37 years of private practice in Burlington, Vermont, Sawabini taught and served as the director of the University of Vermont School of Dental Hygiene (1953-72). He also taught and was chief of dental staff at the Mary Fletcher Hospital (1958-68). He is survived by his wife Abbe, and children Wadi Jr., Frederick, Stuart, and Julia.

“I attribute my life’s happiness to my alma matter, the AUB… It gave me the technical expertise and love to seek knowledge, international understanding, and service to fellowman without regard to color, nationality, or religion.”

-Wadi Issa Sawabini (1917-2006).

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