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November 2007 Vol. 9 No. 2

Volunteers at CCCL LEarn about Patient Care

Dr. Miguel Abboud

Fifty new volunteers at the Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL) attended a one-day workshop on October 11 to learn more about cancer and the proper ways to handle patients afflicted with it.

The workshop, which is held at the AUB Medical Center, will be conducted by CCCL once every three months this year.

Miguel Abboud, CCCL medical director and professor of pediatrics at AUBMC, introduced the participants to the various types of cancer and their corresponding treatments. "There are five main methods to treat cancer, depending on its severity and its stage of development. These include chemotherapy, surgery, limb salvage surgery, bone marrow transplantation, and radiotherapy," said Dr. Abboud.

Christiane Makarem, director of volunteers, explained some of the major medical regulations to which volunteers have to abide. She also said there are various ways one can volunteer; one can help by donating blood, by conducting entertainment activities, or by helping out in the teaching program available at the center.

Officer Mazen Yehya of Occupational Safety explained how to implement safety measures in the event of a fire or other emergency, such as bomb threats, child or infant abductions, thefts, spills of hazardous material, and sudden disasters. Yehya provided telephone numbers to call in the case of emergencies.

In addition to addressing issues of hygiene, treatment, and safety, the workshop targeted the topic of patient rights. "Only AUBMC staff members involved in patient care in the clinical and clinical-support services can have access to patient information," said Lisa Sekelian, the accreditation reviewer, in discussing patient rights to privacy, one of the most integral of rights for patients.

The workshop ended with some training on infection control methods, which are strictly followed. "Hand hygiene is the single most important procedure for preventing nosocomial transmission of infections," said Nisrine Sidani, the infection control officer at AUBMC.

To date, more than 500 people have volunteered at CCCL.

For more information about the CCCL, visit: