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January 2007 Vol. 8 No. 3

Nicolas Ziadeh's Memorial Ceremony: A Meeting Akin to a Miracle

Samir Seikaly at the podium

A memorial service commemorating the life of Nicolas Ziadeh, the late historian and AUB honorary professor of history, was held at Assembly Hall on December 2 - the birthday of Ziadeh who passed away on July 27, 2006.

Among those who gathered to attend the service were Former Lebanese Minister Karam Karam representing the Lebanese President, Parliamentarian Ghassan Tueni, and AUB Trustees Ali Ghandour and Farouk Jabre, along with AUB President John Waterbury and the deans, faculty, students, and friends of Nicolas Ziadeh.

The ceremony's chaperone Michel Jeha recounted a brief biography of Nicolas Ziadeh. President Waterbury, who highlighted the fact that Nicolas Ziadeh witnessed two world wars, half a dozen regional wars, and two Lebanese civil wars, passed away during the Israeli war on Lebanon this summer. The president concluded by saying that "our meeting today is more like a miracle."

The speakers at the ceremony included Ambassador Khaled Ziadeh, who gave the speech of Lebanese Minister of Culture Tarek Mitri; as well as Adnan Bakheet, Muhammad Kajja, Samir Seikaly, Wajih Kawtharani, Anis Sayegh, and Henry Zoughaib.

At the end of the ceremony, a book of writings about Nicolas Ziadeh and his death was distributed to the attendees.