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Tarhana Mixes Traditional Tunes with Modern Rhythms  
October 2006 Vol. 8 No. 1

Two Days of Intense New Faculty Orientation

Group photo of new faculty in front of College Hall

After attending a two-day orientation session on September 20 and 21, nineteen new faculty members joined AUB this fall. Five out of the new faculty are AUB graduates and for seven of them it represents their first teaching job.

The orientations included general meetings with President John Waterbury, Provost Peter Heath, the deans of the faculties, the Acting Dean of Students, and heads of administrative units of the University, such as the Office of the Registrar, University Health Services, University Libraries, Center for Teaching and Learning, Human Resources, Office of Grants and Contracts, Academic Computing Center, and Computing and Networking Services.

In welcoming the new faculty members, President Waterbury spoke of academic integrity and how AUB seeks to maintain it. "I call on you to respect this academic integrity and to abide by the faculty code of conduct… While doing research you should carefully acknowledge the works of others," said the president, adding, "I am sure you will find AUB a challenging place; our students are smart and creative and they rise to any challenge."

Provost Peter Heath, on his part, commented about the three existing cultures at AUB, saying, "For those of you who were AUB students, you know better what goes on at the student level, but now the tables are turned and you are on the other side of the table. The adjustment at the present will be in facing the challenge to learn about the institution, aspects of teaching, and aspects of the administration. There are three cultures at AUB: the official culture, departmental culture, and student culture. We hope to unify certain aspects among the cultures so we can reduce them at the end to one: which is the university culture," said the provost.

The provost spoke of the functions of his office and about the websites the faculty should consult to learn about issues of governance, policies, and procedures, and before making departmental decisions.

New Faculty Facilitator Rima Iskandarani saw the new faculty's determination to come to Beirut despite the war as very heart-warming. She said, "When people were evacuating during the war, I was receiving e-mails from them saying we are coming and are more than ever determined to come to Lebanon."

Rima Iskandarani is not only pleased with this year's group, she is also amazed at the efficiency of AUB's departments despite the war. "While still abroad, the new faculty were given all the services they needed. For example, the Auxiliary Services provided a smooth transition by making sure their belongings were shipped to Lebanon.

Human Resources and the deans' offices were very helpful as well, despite the hostilities that left services almost impossible to maintain," said Iskandarani.