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Jan-Feb 2009 Vol. 10 No. 4

New Faculty Profiles: Shadi Saleh

Professor Shadi Saleh

Shadi Saleh, who received a BS in public health in 1996 and an MPH in health services administration in 1998 from AUB, returned to join the Faculty of Health Sciences in January 2009 as an associate professor and chairperson.

“It was so easy and wonderful to fit into the FHS again, though under a different capacity. I was very warmly received by colleagues who came in after I left, as well as ones who taught me as a student,” said Saleh, who considers the familiar and family-like FHS to be highly productive. 

As well as continuing work on his research subject of interest, health care policy planning and financing, Saleh is in the spring semester teaching mainly graduates in the MPH programs. Although he left Lebanon more than a decade ago, to pursue his PhD in the United States, he always had it in his heart to come back: “there is something about Lebanon; when one leaves, a certain yearning for that country ensues.”

Saleh obtained his PhD in the Health Management Program (HMP) with a minor in health-care finance from the University of Iowa (2001), before he moved to State University of New York, where he worked as assistant professor (2001-07) in the Department of Health Policy, Management and Behavior, in the School of Public Health. In 2007, he was promoted and granted tenure as associate professor in that department.

From 2005 Saleh also occupied the position of director of certificate programs at that school, which “has strong relations with the New York Department of Health, covering over 18 million people,” Saleh explained. He was pleased with the direct interaction he had with policy makers, at both state and national levels. Saleh hopes to transfer his knowledge and expertise to the health care sector in Lebanon and the region.    

When not involved with his academic, administrative, and research obligations, Saleh spends leisure time with his family. He tries to include exercise in his daily schedule, and he tremendously enjoys reading history, as well as biography and autobiography.