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November 2008 Vol. 10 No. 2

New Faculty Profiles: Paul du Quenoy

Professor Paul du Quenoy

The Department of History and Archaeology at AUB recently appointed Paul du Ouenoy as an assistant professor and expert in Russian history, starting September 2008. Du Quenoy, who had  always enjoyed his visits to Beirut during his tenure at the American University of Cairo (2005-08), is now “delighted” to be a faculty member at AUB.

 With an ability to speak six languages (fluency in five), a scuba-diving license,  a refined appreciation for art and culture, extensive traveling, and a side occupation as a free-lance music critic, Du Quenoy seems to be a  master of using his time constructively, simultaneously enjoying every moment and delivering serious work as well.

It may have been his great photographic memory that enabled Du Quenoy to retain full knowledge of historical events and get a perfect score of 800 on his SATII in world history, but it was his fascination for the extremes in Russia’s  people, weather, emotions, circumstances, and culture that finally drew him to get his PhD (with distinction) in Russian history from Georgetown University (2005) at the remarkably young age of 27. Du Quenoy had studied Russian at the age of 18 during his second year of college.

 “History has always been my best subject,” said Du Quenoy, whose ability to analyze past events secured him an Outstanding Achievement Award in 1998 from George Washington University, where he obtained his BA in History with a minor in German literature, before attaining  his MA with distinction  in modern European history  (2000).

Du Quenoy published his first academic article at the age of 22, edited two books, and has written a book that will be published in May 2009. Into his fifth year of teaching, Du Quenoy finds AUB students “very bright; they care about their futures.” He is also pleased with the research facilities at the libraries and views his work here with unwavering optimism.