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                                                Curriculum Vitae


ADDRESS: Center for Arab and Middle Eastern Studies, American University of Beirut

PLACE AND DATE OF BIRTH: Jerusalem, Palestine. January 24, 1938


Haileybury College, Hertford             `S' Level, 1956, Latin, Greek and Ancient History

University College, Oxford                 B.A. Modern History, 1960; M.A., 1963

University of Chicago                          Ph.D. Islamic Studies, 1970


Instructor, Cultural Studies, American University of Beirut                             1960-66

Assistant Professor, History Dept, A.U.B.                                                         1970-76

Associate Professor, History Dept, A.U.B.                                                        1976-84

Visiting Assoc Prof, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor                                  1978

Professor, History Dept, A.U.B.                                                                         1984-96

Senior Research Associate, St.Antony's College, Oxford                                  1985-6

Visiting Overseas Scholar, St.John's College, Cambridge                                 1991-2

Sir Thomas Adams's Professor of Arabic, Cambridge                                   1996-2002

Professorial Fellow, King's College, Cambridge                                            1996-2002

Director, Centre of Middle Eastern Studies, Cambridge                                1996-2000

Shaykh Zayid bin Sultan Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies, A.U.B.  2002----



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  1. I have just completed a translation into English of A`lam al-Nubuwwah a tenth century work of Isma`ili polemics by Abu Hatim al-Razi which is built around a fascinating and wide-ranging debate between him and the more famous Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Zakariyya al-Razi, (the Rhazes of the medieval West) on prophecy and other controversial issues. A contract for publishing it has been signed with the University of Utah, Islamic Translation Series. Publication expected in late,2009.
  2. I have completed (July 2008) an article on `Umar al-Z`inni, a Lebanese chansonnier, to be published in the proceedings of the international conference on “Poetry and History”, held at AUB in January 2008, and edited by Professors Ramzi Baalbaki, Salih Agha and myself.
  3.  I am working (August, 2009) on an English anthology of Arabic literature, classical and modern. I expect to finish the anthology in about two years.