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My online photo album shows a few pictures.
These are some photos from my album with my colleagues and students:

At APHA - FHS stand - Nov 2010

Discussing poster APHA - Nov 2010

Poster Presentation 1 - APHA

Departmental Pic - Mir Amin

Graduation Pic 2010

My students - KSA Nov 2011

Teaching thematic analysis in KSA - Nov 2011

Training MD's in KSA - Nov 2011

Training MD's in KSA - Nov 2011 (2)

Presenting dept secretary with appreciation award 2011

Service learning in Irsal - 2011

Wellness fair with AUB president Dr. Dorman

With Dean Nuwayhed at APHA - Denver 2010

With Rana, Sawsan, and bottles

Wellness Fair 2008

Barbeque at Judy's

Christmas with students

Fieldtrip to Bekaa with students - 2010

Group lunch at Le Chef

Group lunch at Le Chef (2)

Last day at class

To Irsal with students

Irsal with students

With students - 2007

Other photos with my friends and family:

At brother Michael's garden

At Yvette Khalil's wedding - Sept 2012

Brother Michael and wife Paula

Brother Michael Picasso and his art

In an effort to concentrate with Andre'

Lunch at home

Lunch in Small Italy

Lunch in Small Italy (2)

Mum and Dad - Christmas 2010

Mum and Dad

Need to concentrate with Andre'

Rima and Judy in Bterram

Twister with Andre' at home

With Andre' and the guitar

With Andre'



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