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In Bterram, I live with my parents and spend as much time as I can with them and with my godson, Andre┤ who is 12 now.

I am a Sagittarian, born December 14th, in winter in Sydney, Australia. Sagittarians are described to be outgoing, humorous, energetic, optimists, trustworthy and born leaders. According to Chinese Astrology, my birth year tells me that my sign is the boar or pig. Contrary to its rather negative reputation in the West, the Pig of Chinese Astrology is generous, honorable, possesses impeccable manners and taste, cares a great deal about friends and family, and is highly intelligent, forever studying, playing and probing in a quest for greater knowledge.

Although I do not spend much time watching television, I prefer  watching movies and shows that make me laugh, such as the Nanny, the Golden Girls and the Cosby Show. I love the scenarios and the play on words of both these comedies. I have a selection of the Golden Girls on DVD. Other things I enjoy doing are preparing healthy meals for the family whenever I have time, working from my lap top on the veranda of my home and spending rare quiet moments at home while I catch ľup on reading. I also immensely enjoy teaching and socializing with my graduate students. The class is a theatre for me and I find myself giving it much of myself, intellectually and socially. 


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