Visualzations and other tools
       Math 285 AUB Panormaic Tour
       Math 272 Critical Regions

2002, 2003 (all courses are now WebCT based http://webct.aub.edu.lb:8900/)
       CMPS 285
Computer Graphics
       CMPS 272 Operating Systems
       CMPS 396 Subdivision for Modeling and Animation
       CMPS 386 Computer-Aided Geometric Design

1998, 99, 00
       Math 285 Computer Graphics
       Math 272 Operating Systems
       Math 212  DataStructure
Spring 98, 99, 00
      Math 212 Data Structures
      Math 297 Data Visualization (Selected Topics in Computer Science)

Frequently Taught Courses:
      Computer Graphics,
      Computer-Aided Geometric Design, 
      Subdivision for Modeling and Animation,
      NURB curves and Surfaces,
      Data Visualization,
      Operating Systems, 
      Principle  of Programming Languages,
      Data Structure and Related    Languages, 
      File Systems and Data Processing,
      Structured Programming, 
      Computer Architecture and  System Programming.