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Fighting cancer requires focused energy and detailed knowledge of effective treatments. At AUBMC, we pledge to provide patients with expert medical care and the technology required to combat cancer.

Our commitment to patients goes beyond the delivery of sophisticated care. We are dedicated to the emotional well-being of cancer patients and their families. We pledge to respect the individual rights of all those who seek our care and to arm patients with the emotional tools they will need to successfully fight cancer.

At AUBMC, we offer a comprehensive range of modern medical strategies to fight cancer in a positive and supportive environment. Our mission is to decrease the morbidity and mortality of patients with cancer.

Through our cancer registry and cancer program we are aiming:

  • To provide and promote cancer services
  • To enhance our resources for the future and our continued growth and development as a major provider of health services related to cancer in Lebanon
  • To continuously advance and improve the quality of cancer services we provide through the provision and promotion of education and responsible research
That is our mission and commitment to all those who come to us for cancer care.


American University of Beirut Medical Center