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The Hospital Committee on Cancer was established in January of 1981. It was approved, at first, as an ad hoc committee, then as a standing committee by the Medical Board. The original members included Drs Ghaleb Saab (as chairman), Jaber Abbas, Kamal Bikhazzi, Philip Salem, Ziad Salem, Melhem Samara, Philip Issa, Samir Azzam, Munir Nasr, Emile Birhi, Salim Firzli, and Amira Mansour (as secretary).

The committee initially sought to establish its pivotal role in overseeing any aspect which deals with the evaluation, management and research of cancer at AUBMC. It established guidelines for the treatment of various cancers including lung cancer and leukemia.

The committee was also instrumental in reactivating the dormant tumor registry at AUBMC which was established in 1974.


American University of Beirut Medical Center