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N.B.: The CV's below are in pdf format.
Name Specialty Email CV Picture
Ali Shamseddine, MD Hematology Oncology, Internal Medicine as04@aub.edu.lb Download Ali Shamseddine, MD

Name Specialty Email CV Picture
Muhieddine Seoud, MD Gynecologic Oncology mike@aub.edu.lb Download Muhieddine Seoud, MD

Name Specialty Email CV Picture
Jaber Abbas, MD General Surgery, Surgery jabbas48@yahoo.com Download Jaber Abbas, MD
Miguel Abboud, MD Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL) ma56@aub.edu.lb Download Miguel Abboud, MD
Jasmin Abd-El-Baki, MD Dermatology jbaki@cyberia.net.lb Download Jasmin Abd-El-Baki, MD
Ghassan Awar, MD Infectious Diseases, Internal Medicine ga03@aub.edu.lb Download Ghassan Awar, MD
Ali Bazarbachi, MD, PhD Hematology Oncology, Internal Medicine bazarbac@aub.edu.lb Download Ali Bazarbachi, MD
Nagi El Saghir, MD Hematology Oncology, Internal Medicine elsaghir@cyberia.net.lb Download Nagi El Saghir, MD
Fady Geara, MD, PhD Radiation Oncology fg00@aub.edu.lb Download Fady Geara, MD, PhD
Mukbil Hourani, MD Diagnostic Radiology mh17@aub.edu.lb Download Mukbil Hourani, MD
Ghassan Kanazi, MD Anesthesia gk05@aub.edu.lb Download Ghassan Kanazi, MD
Raja Khauli, MD Urology, Surgery rkhauli@aub.edu.lb Download Raja Khauli, MD
Ziad Salem, MD Hematology Oncology, Internal Medicine zs04@aub.edu.lb Download Ziad Salem, MD
Nina Salem Shabb, MD Cytology, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine ns04@aub.edu.lb Download Nina Salem Shabb, MD
Pierre Sfeir, MD Cardiothoracic Surgery, Surgery ps04@aub.edu.lb Download Pierre Sfeir, MD
Mustafa Sidani, MD General Surgery, Surgery drsidani@cyberia.net.lb Download Mustafa Sidani, MD
Assaad Soweid, MD Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine as25@aub.edu.lb Download Assaad Soweid, MD
Ali Taher, MD Hematology Oncology, Internal Medicine ataher@aub.edu.lb Download Ali Taher, MD
Ayman Tawil, MD Special Techniques, Pathology at04@aub.edu.lb Download Ayman Tawil, MD

Tumor Registrar
Name Email Picture
Gladys Hayek tumorreg@aub.edu.lb Gladys Hayek

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