Communicating with the Psychologically Distressed Patient
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Breaking Bad News

This package is a landmark in medical education and a pioneering work for clinical practice. It is an outstanding, instructional and educational learning tool on how physicians should communicate with their patients and their families in their most difficult moments.

Namir F. Damluji, MD
Distinguished Fellow, American Psychiatric Association
Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, University of California at San Diego

Click to enlarge78 of 84 medical students (i.e. 93 percent) who are going to graduate within a year reported that they did not have the chance to break bad news to a patient with advanced cancer. 65 percent of the same group did not observe a senior physician informing patients about their terminal illnesses.

The data in this package aims at educating medical students and health professionals on how to break bad news.

Content (N.B.: Interviews are in Arabic with English subtitles)

  • Video critique: What if the patient does not want to know?
  • Trigger 1: Yes it happened!
  • Scenario 1
    • Clips 1, 2: Unfolding the story
  • Trigger 2: Hide and seek
    • Clip 3: Preparing the patient
    • Clips 4-7: Disclosure and the aftermath
    • Clip 8: Dissecting feelings
    • Clip 9: Health professionals, heal thyself
  • Trigger 3: Briefing family members
  • Scenario 2: More complexities
  • Trigger 4: Not all bad news is death-related
  • Key for video critique
This series will help students and professionals
  • identify the importance of breaking bad news properly.
  • list the characteristics of a proper setting in which to break bad news.
  • demonstrate how to prepare the patient for bad news.
  • identify patientsí responses that permit you to break bad news.
  • show how to gradually disclose bad news.
  • show how to work with the family for better outcomes.
  • name strategies that help health professionals cope with the effect of telling bad news.
  • demonstrate how to talk to the family about organ donation.
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