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October 2006 Vol. 8 No. 1

40 Years of Service and Charity Inspire the George Tomey HIP Retirees Fund

Left to right: Nabil Bukhalid, Nuhad Daghir, George Tomey, Sa'dallah Shalak, and Andre Nahhas during Tomey's farewell reception

After having served the University for forty years, George Tomey recently retired as vice president for Administration and has now taken the position of deputy president. During the decades, his subordinates always enjoyed a unique sense of security under his leadership. Whenever any kind of help was needed, George Tomey would do whatever he could to provide it, and AUB employees consistently spoke of the qualities of goodness that marked his charitable spirit.

In looking for a way to honor George Tomey, a group of AUB employees decided to establish the "George Tomey HIP Retirees Fund" to provide assistance to retired AUB staff and faculty "who are unable to cover their AUB HIP premiums and are at risk of losing their medical coverage."

Up to ninety retired AUB employees are expected to benefit from the fund every year. A special feature of the fund lies in the fact that every amount donated will be matched by a similar amount from the AUB administration. Amal Hamade, director of Human Resources and one of the fund's committee members, hopes enough contributions will be made to cover the first round of donations by October 15, 2006.

"What is amazing is that even the minor employees are coming to donate whatever they can afford. For them, even a thousand Lebanese liras is enough to show support for the man who did so much to help them," said Hamade.

Nabil Bukhalid, director of Computing and Networking Services, who is also a committee member and a cofounder of the fund, spoke of the criteria for selecting recipients of donations: "Those entitled to benefit from the fund are AUB employees who retired after the civil war and lost the value of their end of service indemnity due to the devaluation of the Lebanese lira. But to be eligible for medical coverage, they are required to pay their Health Insurance Plan (HIP) premium, and many of them had to drop their HIPs because they could not afford to pay the premiums. As a result, the organizing committee in coordination with the Office of Development and the Human Resources is in process of setting the criteria for selection and will accordingly decide on the recipients of the fund." Bukhalid said that when the call for donations for the fund was first made on September 28, ten donations were received the next day.

Other fund committee members include University Librarian Helen Bikhazi, assistant to Vice President Sami Cortas, and Deputy Hospital Director Marina Hajj.

According to Amal Hamade, George Tomey has a long history of helping AUB retirees unable to pay their HIP premiums. "People in the Human Resources started helping those individuals on a personal basis in the 1990s… In the year 2000-01 Mr. Tomeh suggested we create a small fund to help out those retirees, so we established a fund and asked people to contribute, but that was not enough. When we began thinking of ways to honor Tomey, I suggested reviving and standardizing the fund, and VP Tomeh wholeheartedly welcomed this," said Hamade.

Those interested in donating to the fund can send their contributions through payroll deduction by printing, filling out, and signing the payroll deduction form, found at and sending it to the Office of Development, College Hall, Third Floor.

Contributions can also be made in cash or by check payable to "AUB-George Tomey HIP Retirees Fund" to the Office of Development; or by contributing on-line at