February  2006, Vol. 7 No. 4


Articles included:

AUB Community Remembers Rafic Hariri One Year After His Assassination
AUB Professors Participate in WHO Study on Tobacco Use
Highlights of the Senate Meeting of November 25, 2005
AUB Professor Elected Board Chair of Arab Professional Media Group
A Letter
Academic Computing Center Holds Faculty Seminar
AUBulletin Today Celebrates AUB’s 140th Anniversary
AUB Medical Librarian Receives International Recognition
Economics Department Hosts Lecture on Funding in the MENA Region
Faculty Profiles
The West Hall Crew
New Appointments
First Annual Winter Charity Bazaar Held in West Hall
12 Lebanese Students Selected to Compete in Worldwide L’Oréal e-Strat Challenge Competition
Olayan School of Business Featured in Financial Times
AUB Calendars
FHS Seeks Accreditation of its Graduate Public Health Program

Gender Iconography in Stamps
Symposium on Glaucoma in Infancy and Childhood
Lecture on Labor Migration in Morocco
Book Club Discusses Emily Nasrallah’s Classical Novel
New Approach to Lunch at the Faculty Lounge
Staff Profile: Omaima Sarkis Mandali
Women’s League Hosts Lecture on History of Painting in Lebanon
CASAR’s First Conference: Towards Better Understanding
“Straight Talk”: A Subjective Lecture on Failure and Success
Scholar Illuminates Al-Jahiz Writings on Silence
CAMS Holds Conference on Advanced Computing
Finance Club Hosts Lecture on Islamic Banking
Parliamentarian Discusses Freedom with AUB Students
Rewriting Divorce in Egypt
Bourj Area Reclaimed in Samir Khalaf’s New Book
South Cultural Club Film Projection and Lecture
Honoring Syrian Filmmaker Mustapha Al Akkad
AMPL Round Table Discussion: Samuel Shimon’s “An Iraqi in Paris”
NDU Choir in Concert at Assembly Hall

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Dr. Ali Bazarbachi

New Appointment: Dr. Ali Bazarbachi

Dr. Ali Bazarbachi has been appointed assistant dean for research at the Faculty of Medicine, as of January 2006. He replaces Dr. Ramzi Sabra, who served as assistant dean since 2001.

Dr. Bazarbachi received his MD from the University of Paris VII, France, where he also earned a diploma in Clinical Oncology and in 1995 obtained a PhD degree.

Dr. Bazarbachi was a faculty member at the University of Paris from 1993 to 1995. He joined AUB in 1996 as assistant professor of Medicine (Hematology/Oncology), was promoted to the rank of associate professor in 2000, and then to full professor in 2004. His major clinical interest is bone marrow transplantation (BMT) and the treatment of hematological malignancies. Currently, he is director of the AUBMC Bone Marrow Transplantation program, which he initiated in 1998. Dr. Bazarbachi will chair the Research Committee and oversee the research program at the Faculty of Medicine.

Dr. Ali Bazarbachi is the author or co-author of more than sixty articles and book chapters. He is the recipient of the French National Prize for Cancer Research (1996), the Hafez Kobeissi Prize for Excellence in Scientific Research (2002), the Erwin Diwan award (2001), and the CEDRE award (2002). He is vice president of the Lebanese Society of Hematology and was vice president of the Lebanese Cancer Society (2002).

Dr. Ramzi Sabra

New Appointment: Dr. Ramzi Sabra

Dr. Ramzi Sabra was appointed assistant dean of Medical Education at the Faculty of Medicine, as of January 2006.

Dr. Sabra received his MD from AUB in 1985. After two years as instructor in AUB’s Department of Pharmacology, he joined the Department of Pharmacology and Center for Clinical Pharmacology at Vanderbilt University as a research associate and research instructor. Three years later, he moved to the Department of Pharmacology and Center for Clinical Pharmacology at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine as an assistant professor. In 1993, he returned to AUB as associate professor of pharmacology and was promoted to professor in 2001. He was named assistant dean of Research at the Faculty of Medicine in 2000.

Dr. Sabra will be responsible for the coordination, review and restructuring of the curriculum, and the assessment of teaching methods, as well as for the evaluation of both faculty teaching and student performance.

Dedicated to upholding professional and ethical standards, Dr. Sabra did an excellent job in establishing the Faculty of Medicine’s research infrastructure, including the policies and procedures of the faculty’s Research Committee, Institutional Review Board, and the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee.

Alaa Shoreibah

New Appointment: Alaa Shoreibah

Alaa Shoreibah was appointed chief financial officer of the Faculty of Medicine/AUBMC, effective January 2006.

After spending two years of undergraduate study at the American University in Cairo, Shoreibah received his MBA degree from the University of Illinois in 2000. He then joined Loyola University Medical Center in Chicago as director of finance, and three years later moved to spend the subsequent two years as chief financial officer of Kindred Chicago Lakeshore Hospital, a 103-bed hospital that is part of Kindred Healthcare Inc., a Fortune 500 company. In the 1990s, Shoreibah worked in various financial capacities on a number of USAID-funded healthcare projects in Europe, the former Soviet Union, and the Middle East.

Shoreibah’s mix of for-profit and non-profit healthcare experience, along with his academic and non-academic work background, will be a great asset to FM/AUBMC—especially as he undertakes, among other things, implementation of a new cost accounting project at AUBMC. He will be working closely with the new hospital director,  Munthir Kuzayli, in taking FM/AUBMC to the next level in fulfilling its teaching, research, and clinical mission.

Shoreibah, an American of Egyptian origin, is very excited to be in Lebanon with his wife Jehad and their children, Adam and Omar.

Rima Iskandarani

Provost Peter Heath Announced the Appointment of Rima Iskandarani as the New Faculty Coordinator

“I am pleased to announce that Mrs. Rima Iskandarani of the Department of English has agreed to serve as AUB’s facilitator for new faculty members. Whether coming to Lebanon for the first time or returning after a period of study abroad, the transition to a new position and environment at AUB can be challenging. Having a point person to smooth this transition has been a positive experience for most new faculty the past few years, and it has been essential in coordinating contacts with the various administrative units with whom new faculty come in contact. I thank Mrs. Iskandarani for taking on this valuable task, and I encourage all members of the AUB community to cooperate with her in her endeavors and to add their own welcoming smiles to the new colleagues at AUB.”

Hala Abou Arraj
Hala Abou Arraj has been appointed associate registrar as of December 15, 2005

Hala Abou Arraj started working for AUB in January 1995 at the Office of the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture as Student Services Officer, a position that is now occupied by Alia Kazma, former administrative assistant at the Office of Information and Public Relations. Abu Arraj has a BA and MA in Public Administration from AUB.



Dr. Amin Kazzi

New Appointment: Dr. Amin Kazzi

Dr. Amin Kazzi was appointed visiting associate professor of Clinical Medicine and chief of service and medical director of the Emergency Unit at the Faculty of Medicine and the AUB Medical Center as of January, 2006. Dr. Kazzi, who is an international leader in Emergency Medicine, will be establishing and chairing a Department of Emergency Medicine at AUBMC.

Dr. Kazzi received his MD from the UCLA School of Medicine in 1988. He is the vice chairperson for Academic Affairs and an associate professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of California, Irvine. Dr. Kazzi currently is the president of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine (AAEM) and has served on the committees, taskforces, and boards of a number of Emergency Medicine organizations.

For five years, Dr. Kazzi has been the managing editor of the California Journal of Emergency Medicine and is the chief editor for AAEM’s Rules of the Road for Medical Students, a textbook that provides career guidance to medical students interested in EM. His special interests are policy-making, reimbursement and practice issues, workforce studies, and graduate and undergraduate medical education.

Most recently, Dr. Kazzi served as the executive chairperson for the AAEM-European Society’s First (Italy, 2001), Second (Spain, 2003), and Third (France, 2005) Mediterranean Congresses, the largest international emergency medicine conferences held.

Dr. Hanin Abdallah

New Appointment: Hanin Abdallah

Professor Hanin Abdallah has been appointed assistant dean for student affairs at the Olayan School of Business, commencing February 1. In her new capacity, Abdallah will exercise an oversight role over the entire range of student services at the school, including registration, advising, and follow-up on student issues, as well as internship and placement.

Professor Abdallah is no newcomer to the Olayan School of Business. She has been a faculty member since October 1992, and her deep involvement through those years in student issues at multiple levels has had outstanding results, as attested to within the school and by the University at large. 

Dr. Saleem Kiblawi

New Appointment: Dr. Saleem Kiblawi

Dr. Saleem Kiblawi was appointed Chief of Staff of the Faculty of Medicine, as of December 15, 2005.

After receiving his MD in 1969, Dr. Kiblawi completed his residency training in Internal Medicine at AUB. This was followed by fellowship training in Pulmonary Medicine at Indiana University School of Medicine, where he was appointed assistant professor of Pulmonary Medicine (1977-1981), after which he became acting chief of the Pulmonary Division (1980-1981) at Wishard Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Kiblawi is board certified in both Internal and Pulmonary Medicine. He has had extensive clinical, teaching, and medical administrative experience, initially at Indiana University and later at ARAMCO

Hospital in Dhahran. During his position as chief of Internal Medicine at ARAMCO, he was an integral part of the team that helped ARAMCO Hospital prepare its JCIA accreditation survey.

Dr. Kiblawi has been on the faculty and medical staff of the Department of Internal Medicine since May 1, 2003. In his capacity as deputy chief of staff at AUBMC and as the chairman of the Performance Improvement Committee, he initiated development of the Office of the Medical Staff and the Accreditation and Risk Management Office, which is responsible for the development and implementation of the multiple policies that are needed for the JCIA accreditation process.

Dr. Rose-Mary Boustany

New Appointment: Dr. Rose-Mary Boustany

Dr. Rose-Mary Boustany became chairperson of the Abu-Haidar Neuroscience Institute and professor of Biochemistry and Pediatrics as of January 2006. She will direct a multidisciplinary program of neurosciences and psychiatry, with the goal of creating a Center of Excellence for the Neurosciences.

Dr. Boustany is a third-generation AUB graduate (BS ‘75, MD ‘79). She trained in Neurology, Neurogenetics and Neurochemistry at Mass General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, where she later became assistant professor of Neurology. She moved to Duke in 1988 where she was professor of Pediatrics and Neurobiology and member of the Duke Cancer Center.

Internationally recognized as a leader in neurogenetics and a world authority on Batten disease, Dr. Boustany identified three novel proteins, and recognized accelerated apoptosis as the mechanism of neurodegeneration. She has been and continues to be funded by the National Institute of Health since 1987. She is coeditor of the book Apoptosis in Neurobiology, has published her research in prestigious medical journals, and authored chapters in several books on neurology and genetics.

Dr. Boustany is fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Neurological Association, and a member of the American Society of Human Genetics, among others. She heads the Clinical Advisory Board for the Batten Disease and Research Association. Her awards include one from the Merck Foundation, a Klingenstein Prize in the Neurosciences, and a Genetic Alliance Award.


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