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March 2009 Vol. 10 No. 5

Announcement: Kamil Saadeddine Continuing Education Scholarship

The Continuing Education Center (CEC) of the American University of Beirut is proud to announce the Kamil Saadeddine Continuing Education Scholarship. This scholarship fund aims to encourage AUB’s community members to enhance their education and become more effective employees by pursuing individual courses and professional certificates at CEC. 

CEC is a division of the Office of the Vice President for Regional External Programs (REP). CEC extends the resources of the University into the community by providing high quality educational opportunities for people of all educational and professional levels. Inter-faculty and multidisciplinary in nature, CEC programs are designed to cater to the personal and professional growth needs of practitioners in a wide variety of areas including business, information technology, education, and languages. Harnessing the expertise of AUB’s six faculties, CEC offers non-credit courses and programs that can lead to professional certificates and diplomas. CEC offers professional certification in business, information technology, education, and food technology and nutrition.  Participants may also consider enrolling in individual courses to continue their professional development without earning a certificate. 

Eligibility criteria for the scholarship for the Spring 2008-09 semester are as follows:
AUB staff member
Grade 12 or below

Applications and more information may be accessed at http://rep.aub.edu.lb/cec/.

For queries please contact:
Wafa Abu Daher
Sandrine Assaad
Assistant to the Director